Mindful Check-In

Your Mindful Check-In

Are you rushing about your day with your head full of worries and your body following you along for the ride?

The Mindful Check-In is a 3 minute awareness exercise.

It only takes a few moments to do a Mindful Check-In and notice how your body, emotions and state of mind are doing.

It’s great to do any time of day – perhaps when you have just arrived somewhere. Instead of launching straight in to being busy, take a moment to check-in and note what you’ve brought with you.

Or if you’re feeling anxious or fearful, it can be a calming exercise to do.

This recording is a guide to help you through this simple process. Once you have the hang of it, a Mindful Check-In is an invaluable tool. It’s a way of being aware of yourself instead of unconsciously going about the day on auto-pilot.

Listen in here for your 3 minute Mindful Check-In:



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