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Midwinter Celebration

Midwinter, or the Winter Solstice, is a time of celebration for the light within the darkness.

The longest day of dark hours, here in the Northern Hemisphere, is on 21 December. And from then on, the days become lighter again!

Midwinter is nature’s natural time for replenishment. Beneath the soil, animals and plants are resting. To reflect this, midwinter is the perfect time for humans to engage in an evening meditation. For replenishment and rest.

With all main lights switched off, I invite you to sit in darkness to start with. Acknowledge the power and majesty of the dark.

Next, switch on some of the fairy lights that you may have placed around your room, or on your tree. Light a single candle and if you have a fireplace, that too, can contribute to the magical qualities of soft, warm light.

If you can’t use a real candle, or don’t have a real fire, you can find onscreen ones via Youtube. There is a range of candles and lots of crackling fireplaces for you to open up and display on your laptop or computer; quite lovely!

Midwinter Meditation

The winter months are an invitation to withdraw and relax. To allow the mind to replenish with new ideas and inspirations. Similar to plant bulbs, germinating and ready to flower at the perfect moment. Give yourself this gift of midwinter stillness while you sit with your candle.

  • Once you have lit it, rest your eyes on the gentle, bright flame. Allow the sense of beauty, warmth and stable rootedness to arise within you. Let the light pulse through your whole body.
  • Feel deeply and powerfully the profound peace as you feel ‘at home’ not simply in your surroundings, but the sacred home of your own body.
  • As you breathe deeply into your whole body, imagine that you nurture the flames of love and peace within you. Visualise that tiny glow suffusing through every part of you, head to toes.

I read recently, and I cannot remember where, that when a large building collapses, the cloud of dust it emits is like an enormous shadow. You need a beacon of light to illuminate the way through the dark cloud.

And so, even in the darkest times of life, let life unfold with grace. Trust in your own capacity to always create the light. Live in your own majestic confidence.

Remain in this contemplative, meditative state for as long as you wish. Finish your midwinter meditation with thanks for the soft light and appreciation for the dark and its mysteries.

One Spark

Close your eyes.
Gather all the kindling
About your heart
To create one spark.
That is all you need
To nourish the flame
That will cleanse the dark
Of its weight of festered fear.

‘For Courage’ by John O’Donohue
(Read the whole poem from John O’Donohue’s Book of Blessings, ‘Benedictus’)

Remember, that when each one of us shines our unique light, together we create something brighter than the sun itself. This is so important for the times we live in  now. Do not underestimate your one bright spark!

Let midwinter be a reminder of that.

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Yvette Jane

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