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When you sit and meditate you are entering your own inner space. It’s not a passive, stuck space. Nor is it an escape, but a place that contains an active, vibrant serenity.

A vibrant serenity

Firstly meditation can be a space of calm and peace.

As you gather in your scattered thoughts you let yourself drop deeper within. You become centred with your heart and grounded in your body. There may be a lot of anxious or busy thoughts you may need to sit with and allow to settle.

Without dwelling on those challenging thoughts, in a little while, if you stay long enough in your meditation, you may experience some calm. At this point many people also experience sleepiness. But I’d like to offer another perspective for your meditation: could you see it as a chance for vibrant serenity?

It might sound like a paradox, but when you meditate, you create an active space within you. All and any qualities you wish to feel, can vibrate inside. Let yourself surrender, and invite whatever you wish.

This might be feelings of trust, joy, gratitude, beauty, self-honouring or a sense of wellbeing.

Let these feelings reverberate throughout your body, heart and mind. So within your stillness, there is movement.

Place of Serenity | vibrant serenity

Treasures within

They’re all there, qualities which are treasures waiting for your attention. You can draw upon any of them, like delving into a well for precious water, or sifting through a riverbed for gold.

As you sit with these sparkling qualities, let them bubble and fizz up within you. This is your meditation. To sit and experience fully, the qualities you want to be feeling. Make specific choices or allow whatever wants to arise.

Become familiar with them. Call them up each time you meditate in your place of vibrant serenity.

You create your future

As you become more practiced at being able to embody your chosen qualities, you can then bring them with you as you move forward from your meditation. And this means that you are co-creating your future experiences. All that you wish to feel, is there for you to access.

So even if you’re not sure where you are going with your work, relationships or home-life, sit and let any of the qualities you want to feel, flow within you. It could simply be peace and calm. It could be more detailed and specific.

Let yourself grow these feelings and become familiar with them. Edit and add to them as you wish. Your meditations can be a moving, creative experience. You create this vibrant serenity.

Each time you meditate, focus. Not with angry neediness, but a surrendered soft settling into. Know that you are being held tenderly in this space of serenity. Yet with a vibrancy and aliveness so when you leave your meditation, you are feeling positive and enlivened.

Create your own vibrant serenity next time you meditate!


Some guided meditations that may be helpful:

Joy Breathing

You and your Lionheart


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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  1. Laura on 26/07/2020 at 11:25 am

    Beautiful, thank you Yvette🌸🕊🌿

    • Yvette on 26/07/2020 at 11:48 am

      You are so welcome Laura! Thank you!

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