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News and inspiration from Place of Serenity for May:

With attention to detail, the simple can become a celebration, and the moment can change from mundane to extraordinary. In celebrating the moment, we demonstrate acknowledgement that there are no unimportant moments.
– Almine

I hope you are having many extraordinary moments! I invite you to spend some browsing our news inspiration for May.

No matter who and where you are, your choices make an impact. You are welcome to join me on some Weekly Meditations – a statement of your intent that you believe being a more mindful person is important. The qualities we nourish with mindfulness are what create the kind of humans we wish to be.  And supporting one-another strengthens and inspires us. Details below, along with our next 6-Week Course (places still available, really looking forward to working in this venue), and a selection of the latest blog posts, from The Mindful Mouse to A Meditation for Strength & Love. 
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6-Weeks for Mindfulness & Meditation: Live from your Heart Place of Serenity | mindfulness and meditation course

What if we could drop our complaints, and take full ownership over our time? That means intentionally deciding how we want to spend the hours we have available – Leo Babauta

Perhaps now is the time for you to commit some hours to yourself – for your health and wellbeing; physical, mental and emotional. Full details here and Testimonials about past courses. This could be the antidote you need while the world is increasingly driving you bonkers!

Weekly Meditation Place of Serenity | weekly meditation

In meditation we practice showing up and staying put, even
when it’s difficult. Instead of distracting ourselves with action, we learn to be with whatever’s present in each moment. This carries over beyond the cushion as we show up and face life’s challenges without turning away.
 – Jason Garner

I have reduced and amended the costs to make it as accessible as possible: choose 4 sessions out of 8 available dates through May, June & early July. Choose 4 dates to create a block that suits you and works out at £8.50 a time. Single sessions are £10. I’d love to see you as we create the world we want by stepping up for ourselves and each-other. Full details here.

Place of Serenity | Why meditateWhy meditate? Good question!

You are a human being not a human ‘doing’. Let meditation allow you the stillness and calm to simply ‘be’. Read on …

Place of Serenity | Thank youIt doesn’t matter who you’re saying it to!

  If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough – Meister Eckhart

How and why here … (and a mention of Terry Hall of The Specials if you are a fan)

Place of Serenity | mindful mouseThe Mindful Mouse

My 3 encounters with the unassuming wood-mouse and how I discovered what makes the mouse a monk. Read on! 


Place of Serenity | love and strengthStrength and Honour (oops sorry, that’s from ‘Gladiator’)
Love and Strength

You can summon great strength when you connect to your power, associated with your Solar Plexus. Combine this with the tenderness and warmth of love via your Heart, and you have a powerful combination for a meditation.
Here it is …



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