Manage Your Anxiety with Mindfulness

Place of Serenity | Manage Your Anxiety with Mindfulness

How Can You Manage Your Anxiety?

Do you find yourself increasingly entertaining negative thoughts and suffering with anxiety?

And is it possible you can manage your anxiety with mindfulness?

You’re not alone. Although a small level of anxiety is normal in your everyday life, when it becomes excessive it can have a huge debilitating impact.

Almost every person who attends the Mindfulness and Meditation classes I run, mention anxiety!

Manage Your Anxiety with Mindfulness

Each student describes how anxiety, worry, negativity and intrusive thoughts become the impetus to attending a course in Mindfulness. They are pro-active in managing their health and they have found their way to a Mindfulness Course.Place of Serenity | thank you

Over the past year, my courses have been attended by busy, lovely women (and some men) who all appeared to be living successful and happy lives.

They are just like you and me! Some of them had read about mindfulness or been recommended it by a friend. All of them were interested to give it a go.

Their feedback shows how learning to be mindful and meditating are not vague wispy catch-words. These women have experienced very real and positive benefits. They are the results of discipline and daily practice.

Below, I share with you some of their words. If you are experiencing continual anxious thoughts or ruminating too much over negative stories, you may identify with them.

Empower Yourself

Place of Serenity | Manage your anxiety with mindfulness

You can manage your anxiety with mindfulness.

We are not talking overnight sensational successes. There are very real, incremental improvements as each student remembers she has choices.

It may have felt as though there were no choices before learning about mindfulness.

I invite you to read and see how much of it resonates with you.

So many of us share such similar experiences, I know I was able to identify with every one of them. Take heart that you can manage your own wellbeing!

 Feedback from Course Students

‘Before the course I was worried and angry … I learned to manage feeling angry at the children some of the time. I learned to relax and be calmer. … I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it or feel so relaxed. It was particularly helpful as I had to go to the dentist and mindfulness techniques helped … many thanks for a life-changing course.’ 

Place of Serenity | Manage anxiety with mindfulness

‘I worried and ruminated quite a bit about things – especially bad choices I had made in the past … Now I make time when my mind is not whirring away, learning to sit with difficult feelings, knowing all feelings pass with time … I have learned to listen to my body a bit more.’

‘… was very anxious and got intrusive thoughts, was unable to relax and my mind was always busy …I now know how to relax more … the course has shown me the tools I need to help me when I get my thoughts and worries, also how to let go of the past.’

Manage Your Anxiety and Release Negative Thoughts

‘… had an overactive mind that had become more negative than positive. I had also recently developed fibromyalgia and had a hard time adjusting to the constant pain …My mind is far calmer … it is enabling me to better manage my self-criticism and also to help manage my relationships with others … and surprisingly my health and pain levels.’

‘… very anxious and trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and worries … actually aware of how stressed I have been for quite a long time, mostly because I feel less stressed now … I’ve become more aware of food, … finding it easier not to overeat at weekends! … I will continue being mindful, it’s too valuable not to do it and just go back to being stressed and anxious.’

If You Feel Anxious Right Now:

• Get grounded by sensing into your feet.Place of Serenity | stress-free day with smiles
• Notice your posture and relax any areas of tension, this can immediately benefit your body’s ability to breathe more effectively.
• Acknowledge you are feeling worried, anxious or fearful.
• Then feel into the parts of your body and focus on what sensations you are experiencing – your nauseous stomach, your clammy hands, your wobbly legs.
• Take some deep breaths into these areas. While your mind is directed to your body, it is no longer focused so intently on your anxious thoughts.
• Notice you have the power to direct your thoughts!

Do share this blog if you know anyone who might be feeling overwhelming anxiety. It’s a common and normal experience, but one that you really can do something about.

Other Resources

Mindfulness is one way to help you manage your anxiety. Here are a couple of helpful general websites on anxiety:



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  1. Tamsin on 12/12/2014 at 2:52 pm

    I love Louise Hay’s affirmation –
    It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.

    • Yvette on 12/12/2014 at 2:55 pm

      Yes, excellent reminder. Thanks Tamsin!

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