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This week in the UK it is Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May 2019) and the theme this year is ‘Body Image: how we think and feel about our bodies’.

Let your body stories go

We all have our own body with our own unique stories. Most often, nobody else knows these stories. We judge ourselves and we judge that others are judging us.

I simply want to put this thought to you: turn judgment to kindness and gratitude. Imagine that your body is your home or your temple. We all wish to be at peace in our homes.

Make peace

Whether you are living with long-term health conditions, aging or body dissatisfaction, to name just a few, John Mundahl writes:

‘Today I make peace with my body-home …’

And this short lovely video from Julia Sawalha, speaks Mundahl’s poem as a reminder to make peace with all our body judgments and stories:

Resources for mental health and body image

Body Image Report from the Mental Health Foundation

Body Image Stories from the Mental Health Foundation


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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