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Majesty is not just for kings and queens. Reclaim your own life of majesty and self-sovereignty. Perhaps those words may feel tainted, so let’s explore and regain the sense of what majesty and self-sovereignty really are.

What does majesty and majestic mean?

That you can embody:

Impressive beauty
With poise

Place of Serenity | Majestic mountain

Notice how you might sit up straight and tall when you read the following from the Mountain Meditation which says:

Sit like a mountain. Sit with a sense of strength and dignity. Be steadfast, be majestic, be natural and at ease in awareness. No matter how many winds are blowing, no matter how many clouds are swirling, … sit like a mountain.

~ Sharon Salzberg

And to be self-sovereign?

This means self-ownership. You have exclusive authority over your body and mind. You create your own moral right not to be controlled by anyone else. Place of Serenity | Lion

Your self-sovereignty evolves from your deep capacity to know your own values. Choices you make in your life come from your priorities. These can be wide-ranging, but what is important for you, as a human being, will determine your direction in life. And make no mistake – you are in charge.

Together, majesty and self-sovereignty are powerful things.

How can you put into practice majesty and self-sovereignty?

The impetus comes from deep within you. So this means giving yourself time each day to nurture aspects relating to your:

Capacity for joy
Choices that are life-affirming
And to be purposeful in all you do

With mindful awareness, you can recognise that you are the source of all your choices. When you deeply value the preciousness of your own existence and respect yourself, then choices may follow gracefully.

And this applies to simple daily choices as you care for yourself, do chores, undertake work. You can do them all with a deeper sense of purpose when you bring a mindful presence to them. Place of Serenity | Majesty of an eagle

Wildlife live their majesty naturally. Think of a great eagle soaring through the sky or a lion in the African Plains. They carry their majesty and great beauty with ease.

So too glorious scenery in nature.

Why would humans NOT have this capacity to be majestic too?

So I invite you to think about the language of majesty and sovereignty. Perhaps it feels at odds to the way you might think of yourself. Believe that you can walk in majesty and live a life of self-sovereignty, beauty and grace. Reinstate your majesty and self-sovereignty. Love and joy will then naturally flow.

Glide on with majesty!

Yvette Jane

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