Local Centres

A few places you may wish to explore to develop your learning in mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. They include courses, workshops and retreats, that may be of interest to you:

Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, Chithurst, W. Sussex

Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hants

The Hamblin Trust, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, W. Sussex

The White Eagle Lodge, New Lands, Rake, Hants

The Thekchen Buddhist Centre, Southampton


Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing (Formerly The School of Energy Healing). I studied a comprehensive and detailed professional Diploma here for 3 years.

International School of Healing and Spiritual Development with Dr Brenda Davies. I attended a Residential Course in Zambia and completed a 2 Year Diploma in the UK with Brenda.

Bangor University - I studied one of their Courses in Mindfulness.

SMART Foundation - Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques Well-being Coach. I gained my Mindfulness and Meditation Teaching Diploma qualification here.

Inspiration - various - Press the 'Like' button in order to keep updated with inspirational tips and quotes. A great way to bring mindfulness into your everyday life!, And keep updated with the latest news from Place of Serenity, Petersfield, Hants. - 'leads the fight against muscle disease' - Inspirational! The World Peace Flame has been burning since July 1999. This was when 7 flames, lit by eminent peacemakers on five continents, were flown to the UK. On 31 July they were brought together into one flame in Bangor, N. Wales.


Queen of Retreats by Caroline Sylge: A comprehensive website if you are looking for a Retreat of some kind, ranging from detox, meditation or relaxation.

Mairela - A Natural Healing Space, located in a stunning pine forest in rural Finland, run by Sara Gardner. I can thoroughly recommend Sara's work and integrity.

Danu House, Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland - beautiful location to stay, yoga courses etc.

Gaia House, Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre near Newton Abbott in Devon. One day retreats, weekends, one week-one month silent retreats. Thoroughly recommend.

The Barn Retreat, The Sharpham Trust. Another Retreat Centre near Totnes, Devon. Weekly retreats. Hugely recommended.

Findhorn Centre - The inspirational spiritual community and education centre that was founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy. The institute runs a wide selection of courses in a beautiful, rural part of Scotland.

Both the following recommended by Solveig, a Place of Serenity meditator:

Othona - Community and spirituality, West Dorset.

Embercombe - A variety of residential courses, Devon.

Another Place of Serenity meditator, Lisa, experienced a Brandon Bays Journey Work Retreat at The Mennorode, Holland. Lisa describes it as, 'a beautiful spot in the middle of the woods. Vegetarian and tranquil.'

If you have been on a retreat or workshop you would recommend, do email me so that we can share the information here for others. Thank you, follow this link to Contact Yvette

Other Reference

If you're interested in creating your own website like I have done here follow the link to HealthHosts. - Useful website that lists a wide range of complementary therapies. Lists events and courses in your area. - Website that covers all types of businesses in your area.

healers_link1- Complementary therapists. - Another place to look up alternative therapies and events in your area.



Look up your towns to find events near you.