Every day our brain allows us to perform functions, actions and decisions. It’s almost as if it’s running the show for us and we’re on auto-pilot!

Life on auto-pilot


Sometimes it feels as though life is a treadmill. We lose the joy in our lives and get overwhelmed with responsibilities. We might feel like robots as we perform on auto-pilot.

Mindfulness interrupts this routine. It only takes a moment to ‘wake up’ from the conveyor belt. Any time in the day when stress gets the better of you, you can pause and take notice of your breath, your body and your surroundings.

A Powerful Pause

This is a momentary pause. It’s also known as a ‘powerful pause’.

This is when the real ‘you’ notices what you are doing. It’s your moment of power when you can choose your behaviour and your awareness.

This moment of awareness occurs via the ‘prefrontal cortex’ of your brain.

Each time you do this, you are interrupting your auto-pilot behaviour and being truly present. And in those few seconds you are in control.

All of us have habits and behaviours that are deeply rooted. A powerful pause lets you bring mindfulness to your situation:

  1. Stop, be still and be curious
  2. Acknowledge your body’s reactions and emotions
  3. Step off your conveyor belt of old habits
  4. Listen in to yourself & make more mindful choices

Create New Habits

You might like to browse the links here, and get some further inspiration to step away from a life on auto-pilot.

Create New Habits with Mindfulness

Negative Thoughts and the Sabre-toothed Tiger

And if you’re lucky enough to have a mindfulness or meditation class near you – it’s worth considering joining one for your mental and emotional needs. Mindfulness courses teach you the skills to live a richer life and less on auto-pilot!


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