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Place of Serenity | Let Nature Inspire Wellbeing

You naturally know how good it feels to be out and about in nature whenever possible. Especially when the weather is perfect. But while you may not be able to get outside as often as you’d like, you can still let nature inspire wellbeing.

Joe Dispenza says:

Your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality… The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to what we are being.

Hooked into negative thinking

So notice when your thoughts are low. How it’s easy to get hooked into negative thinking. When you continue this train of thought it can feel impossible to dig out of it.

Yet if we let ourselves be inspired by something we love, nature, for example, we have the capacity to shift our thinking round. So let nature inspire wellbeing. Place of Serenity | Let nature inspire wellbeing

Let nature inspire wellbeing with your thinking

  • Visualise a place you love in nature, if you are unable to actually be there.
  • Bring to mind the feel of the warm sun on your face. Imagine the birdsong around you. Feel the soft air against your skin.
  • Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, release the tension from your body. Breath by breath.
  • Visualise the colours of spring. Imagine you are drinking deeply from the bluebells, the sky, the vibrant green of new spring shoots.
  • As you sit in stillness, becoming one with nature, you may experience a deep sense of calm.
  • Draw on nature to support you.

Notice how you feel once you’ve spent some time sitting with your imagined nature. See if the language moving in your mind reflects how your body feels. Are you feeling in alignment?

Beauty. Peace. Exquisite sound. Utter relaxation. Magical. Otherworldly. A deep sense of calm.

Mind and body experience a coherent match.

Do you feel uplifted when you remember how magical it is to be in nature?

If nature isn’t something that inspires you, think of something that does. And let your memory draw upon that to lift your thoughts.

The more often you can reach deeply within your own resources, the more resilient and flourishing you can be.

Joe Dispenza:

There is a ‘neurochemical relationship between the brain and body. As you think certain thoughts, the brain produces chemicals that cause you to feel exactly the way you were thinking. Once you feel the way you think, you begin to think the way you feel. This continuous cycle creates a feedback loop called a “state of being”.’

Nature is one way to remind you that there is beauty and joy in the world. And you can recall this with the power of your own thoughts.


Video: 3 hours of bluebell woods and birdsong

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