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Now may be a good time for you to learn online how to live from your heart through mindfulness and meditation! You can do this as a One-to-One Course or in a Group Course.

Here are 5 suggestions that may resonate with you:

1 Learn online with others, how to be mindful & meditate

With all the good intentions in the world, it’s easy to think it might be nice to learn to meditate. The reality is that it requires an intention to turn up for yourself. And it’s easy to fall by the wayside on your own.

In this time of Covid 19, your life may be very different right now. Whether you’re experiencing uncertainty, loneliness, boredom or overwhelm, these are all experiences that you can address with mindfulness. Place of Serenity | Learn online through mindfulness and meditation

When we gather together weekly online, you will benefit from the support of having myself as your teacher and from every other person in the Group.

Not only is it enjoyable to connect online with others who are on this learning journey like you, but everyone has a unique part to play.

The weekly sessions offer you the incentive to explore a daily practice. It becomes a positive learning environment.

2 Learn online and enjoy session recordings

Online, you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Everyone has an opportunity to join in.

And best of all, the recordings become part of your resources, so you can experience them as often as you want. And if you need to miss a session, then you will be able to catch up in your own time.

3 Make a commitment to show up for yourself

At our weekly session you schedule the time for yourself.

Invite yourself to step out of your usual habits and arrive online on time. Interact with others and share how your practice is going.

Human beings thrive on being sociable. This is a quiet, gentle way to work in a small group. Your heart will gently open as you follow through on your mindful practice from week to week.

And isn’t May a lovely time of year where nature is flourishing and growing? Just like you will be, as you flourish with your learning.

4 It’s easy to keep behaving in our old ways

Yes, this is the reason why you want to shake up old habits in the first place! Because you realise that you require more helpful strategies for life! Or you are in need of some inspiration during challenging times! Place of Serenity | Learn online through mindfulness and meditation

We close our hearts through fear. So this is a chance to learn to courageously live from a more open heart.

As humans we have deeply ingrained automatic behaviours and it’s not always easy to change this. As you become more mindful, you get to know yourself better. It’s the start of a journey where you begin to unearth auto-pilot actions and deeply-held beliefs.

When we turn inward through meditation, we start to discover:

‘… that we are not who we thought we were. To know ourselves is to recognise that we are far, far more than we believed. It is to exchange our shabby self-image for our true Self and to discover that our true Self is a sacred Self …’  ~ Roger Walsh


5 Learn online how to live from your heart through mindfulness & meditation because it’s relaxing & enjoyable!

Each weekly session provides you with dedicated time to relax. Create your own safe space to attend, which might also be the space you use daily for your own meditation practice.

I provide you with online resources to keep you inspired so you can integrate your experience into everyday life. Emails with tips and informational videos plus MP3 Recordings provide you with extra support.

So if you’ve been considering mindfulness and meditation maybe now is the time for you to join me on our next Online Mindfulness & Meditation Course! We start on Wednesday 14 May, 7.00-8.30pm, and meet up online over 6 weeks.

Contact me to arrange a short Zoom Chat to see if this Course would suit you and to check you feel at ease with the technology!

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