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Hi everyone
I hope you are keeping in good health. Today I offer you a short recording and two blog posts. Stay uplifted in a state of hope and unabashed brilliance!

MOMENTS OF MINDFULNESS: I will be posting short meditations on SoundCloud. You are welcome to Follow me there and dip in whenever you wish. I thought it may be helpful for many more of you rather than our Zoom Meditations.


Place of Serenity | Learn online mindfulness and meditation

Online Course: How to Live from your Heart through Mindfulness & Meditation Why any online learning can benefit you as well as Mindfulness. More here …





Place of Serenity | How are you feeling?How are you Feeling? This is a useful question to ask yourself. It’s an invitation to have a conversation with yourself. A chance to go deeper within. More here …





With best wishes,



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