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You have the power to choose what to focus on in any given moment. Sometimes our minds seem to be constantly going round in circles with anxious thoughts. This Joy Breathing meditation is a great exercise to remind your brain what joy feels like! If you are feeling a little low, you could try some JOY BREATHING!

Joy Breathing Meditation

  • Close your eyes.
  • Remember an occasion when you felt joyful.
  • Smile and let your body relax and experience feeling joyful and happy.
  • Allow those feelings of happiness to spread like a warm glowing sun. 
  • Sense every cell filling with contented, warm bliss!
  • Breathe in the joyful feeling, breathe it out around your body.
  • Open your eyes and spend a moment resting them on something beautiful, like a flower, a candle flame, a sunset or , rain against the window.
  • Allow your body to absorb the feeling of quiet contentment and inner joy.

Growing the Good

Your attention is like a combination spotlight and vacuum cleaner: It highlights what it lands on and then sucks it into your brain—for better or worse.

~ Rick Hanson

This Joy Breathing Meditation doesn’t just have to focus on previous experiences in your life.  As Rick Hanson notes, wherever you place your attention, will have an impact on your brain. So in daily life, it is possible to ‘grow the good’ by giving more attention to the joyful experiences, rather than ruminating over the less positive ones.

Notice next time you are  having a lovely experience – something as simple as chatting with a friend or having a cuppa.

Let yourself feel fully immersed in the experience. Allow the feeling, whether it is contentment, peace, laughter or joy, to flow through your body. Fully engaging in this experience also has an impact on your brain because it has lasting experience. You are more likely to look for the good more often (instead of looking to the critical).

More here about growing the good from Rick Hanson.



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