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Place of Serenity Newsletter

Hi everyone

I’ve gathered together my most recent blog posts for this July newsletter. They cover a range of subjects and I hope you will dip into some of them and find them helpful.

Sending you thoughts of joy and peace as we continue to navigate these sometimes uneasy times.
Best wishes,


Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Place of Serenity | Benefits of Nasal Breathing

We take approximately 25,000 breaths a day but many of us are not breathing correctly. We breathe through the mouth or shallow breathe, resulting in other parts of the body having to compensate for this. Some fascinating information in this blog post.

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A Change of Perspective

Place of Serenity | Perspective Image: Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

Your whole world is a perspective or a view that is yours alone. It includes beliefs and opinions, shared with others but not everyone. These thoughts are influenced by your life experiences, your culture, your friendships, work and study.

Mindfulness opens you to things you may have taken for granted or never truly looked at before. These include current and recent world issues. Areas of life you are being invited to see with a new perspective now.

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Mindful Walking for Clarity and Calm

Place of Serenity | Mindful Walking for clarity and calm

Mindful walking has been essential for me in these recent times. Have you also found a greater connection to walking and enjoying nature? It’s a great way to connect back with your body and gain a sense of clarity and calm.

Here are a few useful reminders and tips.


The Healing Power of Acknowledgement

Place of Serenity | I'm here for you

You know when you have experienced something difficult in your life? You may recognise the healing power of acknowledgement which smooths the way forward. It’s the experience of being accepted, being seen.

To acknowledge someone is to say, ‘I see you’. It’s not a matter of approval or disapproval. All it might take is a loving nod, a hug, a phrase, ‘I hear what you’re saying,’ or ‘This is tough, isn’t it?’ or ‘I’m here for you.’

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