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How does it feel inside your mind?

With constant thinking, worrying, problem-solving and self-criticizing, it can sometimes feel claustrophobic.

A bit like being stuck in your head with blinkers surrounding your eyes. A small space that walls you in and fear shuts you down.

You go round and round in circles with the same old patterns of behaviour and mind-numbing distractions. Your thoughts can feel mean and worn-out.

So how can you open the space up?

Step 1

To feel less hemmed in or claustrophobic with your thoughts, start with breathing deeply.

Extend your usual shallow breathing so that your whole chest and abdomen are fully engaged. This first step pulls you out of your head space and into your body. Let your breath flow with a slow, gentle rhythm.

Notice the sensations of your

  • heart
  • lungs
  • chest
  • rib cage
  • abdomen
  • stomach

all engaging together.

Step 2

Feel into your feet and legs. Even if you’re in an office block or 5 floors off the ground, visualise the foundations beneath you; the earth is not so very far away.

Glance out of the window where you might see some sky or even some greenery.

This gives you a sense of expanding out from the small claustrophobic mind, to your whole living breathing body. Surrounded by something bigger, the earth, however disguised she seems to be.

Step 3

Give yourself time to connect with yourself and your surroundings as though you’re opening up to the big sky above.

Let your expansive breaths lessen the intensity of your constant negative thoughts. Open up from your claustrophobic mind and allow more space to flow through your whole body.

Place of Serenity

This wider sky perspective opens your heart to connect with your surroundings. With deep breaths and present-awareness, it’s almost effortless.

Your mind’s relentless thinking expands with a sense of relief which flows through your whole body to encompass greater boundless horizons.

You suddenly feel less claustrophobic and more spacious. A sense that anything is possible.

Breathe deeply, expand your senses and open up to spaciousness!


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