The Incredible Power of Relaxation

The incredible power of relaxation

It’s not a dirty word – relaxation. Yet it’s easy to forget the incredible power of relaxation.

We need to relax when we feel tired and run-down.

But we also need to relax in our everyday reactions.

The Power of Relaxation Every Day

When challenging things happen, our tendency is to react swiftly. This is our in-built defence mechanism. It’s commonly know as our FIGHT, FLIGHT OR FREEZE response. We end up feeling completely stressed out.

This is where the power of relaxation helps.

I’m cheating on my blog post this week. Because Martha Beck talks about this so brilliantly with her typical good humour. Here is the link to her excellent piece: Would Relaxing Help? I truly recommend you read it!

You can learn to nurture your relaxation and mindfulness skills through mindfulness.

I hope you enjoy Martha’s piece and these words:

‘ … the movie Bridge of Spies, in which Tom Hanks plays a lawyer who’s defending a Russian spy during the Cold War. The spy, played by Mark Rylance, is a phlegmatic Irishman married to a Russian woman. When Tom Hanks explains there’s an excellent chance he’ll die in the electric chair, Rylance just shrugs.

“You don’t seem alarmed,” says Hanks.

Rylance calmly replies, “Would it help?”

In conclusion: turbulent times demand the power of relaxation.

Don’t panic!

Stay calm and relaxed!


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach


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