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You always have power

Any challenging situation in which you find yourself, you always have power.

A lot of the time you find yourself automatically hooked into unhelpful thoughts, feelings or memories. You move away from useful behaviour into distraction, packets of crisps, angry shouting or hours of Netflix.

You are probably familiar with this. The ways in which we, often unconsciously, deal with the challenges of life, or the difficult moods we find ourselves experiencing. Place of Serenity | you have power

We resort to old tried and tested methods, but which essentially are distractions which take us away from being our best selves. We rush on without extracting the information from that moment.

Stop and ask yourself, why am I behaving like this? Am I on auto-pilot?

Am I going along with the mainstream when my heart might actually want to behave differently?

What we get from each moment depends on the attention we give it, and the quality of our experience reflects the quality of our awareness.

~ Roger Walsh

Your Choice Point

That moment before you get hooked into all of this – that is your mindful moment of choice.

You have a point of choice – a moment on which you can swivel in any direction you choose. This is your moment of true power.

At this choice point, pause and notice how you could make moves ‘towards’ being your best self. It’s a moment of surrender because instead of veering off into habits that essentially may be keeping you in a holding pattern, you choose pause. Be present and aware.

Stop! Use your powerful pause:

Place of Serenity | You always have power

S – Slow down – breathe slowly and deeply. Feel connected to the earth and relax your shoulders.

T – Take note: Notice what you are thinking and feeling. Notice the world around you and what you are doing/about to do.

O – Open up: Make space for your thoughts and feelings, allow them to freely flow through you. Connect in with your heart space.

P – Pursue your values: Remember your values and find a way to act on them.

Your Values:

Values are your deepest desires for how you behave as a human being. As part of my work with mindfulness and meditation, in our sessions we look at clarifying values. What is important to you?

Values such as authenticity, compassion, fairness, flexibility, gratitude, honesty, kindness and love. These are just a handful of the kinds of values that may be important to you.

Perhaps you’ve never really given it any thought. But what kind of person do you want to be? Place of Serenity | You always have power

When you’re clear about your values, it gives you a foundation to return to. It can help you with your ‘powerful pause’.

Remember what is important to you. Then it’s easier to make choices from your heart – with love, kindness and authenticity, for example.

And if you really feel powerless, make the choice to acknowledge that in this moment, you are choosing the best you can right now. Retain your intention: to surrender and connect with your heart.

This simple shift in thinking allows you to still maintain a sense of power – you may not like a situation but you are choosing your thoughts carefully around it.

You always have power

That’s who I love to work with – those of you who want to reclaim your power. It begins with you and each moment of your life.

YOU always have power! Being mindful of this is your starting point.


Mindfulness and MeditationYvette Jane: Place of Serenity

Be mindful.
Live from your heart.



Mindfulness & Meditation at Place of Serenity

‘The Choice Point’ is adapted from the work of Dr Russ Harris: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


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