I Am Enough – 1 Mantra Worth Knowing

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Every moment, it seems, that as human beings, we give ourselves a hard time.

We ask ourselves, ‘Am I enough?’ when we need to shift these words to ‘I am enough’.

An Endless List

In our work, relationships, appearances, behaviour, choices, the words we speak, the list is endless.

All of it is up for criticism. By ourselves and others, even those closest to us.

The tendency that is a knee-jerk reaction –  is to point out what you lack, tell you how you need to improve, highlight how you compare to others and are found wanting, offer undesired and un-asked for advice etc. etc.

…The most profound healing comes from embodying the fullness of yourself and trusting in your enoughness.

~ Asia Suler

Take a deep sigh of relief in this present moment and remember that you are uniquely ‘you’. And when you acknowledge this, you can honour your uniqueness. Nobody else on the planet has your magical mix, a potion that is a recipe all of your own.

This might be a useful phrase to repeat as you fall asleep at night, the number 1 mantra that is simple yet profound:

I am enough

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Never Quite Good Enough

Because aren’t you sick of always feeling you are never quite good enough?

Family members, work colleagues, neighbours, the outside world in general. They all have their perception of you, which comes from the paradigm they are signed up to.

Even when you know those views are unimportant, they can still needle.

Most important: how do you feel about you?

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Accept Yourself

Can you accept yourself for who you are?

Do you believe yourself to be enough?

Even as the world advises you, manipulates you and mostly sees through you as invisible and irrelevant to most of the population. Can you learn to dismiss these paltry demands?

Can you embody ‘I am enough’ and this notion of ‘enoughness’? And also know that it doesn’t stop you from the incredible journey of learning and evolving. It can, instead, lead you to a place of soft surrender and confident self-empowerment.

And while we think we need to keep finding new answers, Mary Oliver reminds us:

The point is, you’re you, and that’s for keeps.

From ‘Leaves and Blossoms Along the Way’

I Am Enough

Turn your thinking around with the phrase, ‘I am enough.’

Of course you are enough.

You are more than enough.

When you recognize your own value, and give yourself time to BE yourself, you will quietly shine.

Yvette Jane

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