How We Grow Through The Difficult Stuff

Place of Serenity | Grow through the difficult stuff

We’ve All Experienced Difficult Stuff In The Past

It’s what makes us humans.

At one point in my life I was considering whether to study politics or religion because I thought there was some area of knowledge I felt was missing in my life.

Ha! This was immediately followed by the experience of illness which changed my life completely! The challenge of recovery along with a new baby and two young sons meant that I needed to find a better way through this difficult stuff. Planet Earth

I somehow found myself asking for help from a Reiki Healer despite feeling cynical and unsure!

I had been nudged, or rather thrown, by these circumstances, into exploring the world of… Well, there’s no satisfactory word for it. Simply a push to understand that we’re far more than the surface level of life that I had, anyway, been so dissatisfied with all my life.

Yes, here was the missing treasure chest, far more expansive and heart-opening than any mundane topic. And it lasts a lifetime!

That’s how I am working as I do now (Place of Serenity: Mindfulness, Meditation, Live from your Heart). Exploring spirituality. Metaphysics. Energy. Love.

And Here We All Are Dealing With The Difficult Stuff of This Current Global Experience

What could this be nudging or propelling you into?

I cannot pretend to know what every person is experiencing. So really, I’d just like to leave that question for you.

Your difficult stuff may be grief, loneliness, exhaustion, desperation, fear. Place of Serenity | growth through difficult stuff

Like an almighty re-set button, the world is giving us the opportunity to think differently and grow in new directions.

What are you learning from this difficult stuff?

What is Happening During This Incredible Experience of Slowing Down The World?

  • We have clear blue skies without aeroplanes Turtle
  • Fresh running rivers
  • Less polluted roads
  • Thriving wildlife undisturbed
  • New ways of working
  • Different ways of being

‘Nature is full of things bigger and more powerful than human beings, including but not limited to night skies, oceans, thunderstorms, deserts, grizzly bears, earthquakes and rain-swollen rivers.’

~ Barbara Brown Taylor

And What is Still Happening About:

The Refugees? Are there still bombs in Syria?

The people whose homes have been flooded or burned to the ground?

Hunger and violence?

Companies still thinking solely in terms of financial profit?

Our leaders with their greed and distorted thinking? Will they realise this needs to be replaced with respect, kindness and inclusion?

The Possibilities Are Endless

That’s the amazing thing about experiencing difficult stuff. You may never be the same again.

I wish you well as you delve more deeply and learn more from the current situation! Something's got to change

My learning at the moment, by the way, has included having to face up to using technology which I had procrastinated about for a long time! I have learnt lots of brilliant things which were all a blur before now.

And that, for me, is just the start of what I’m being pushed into during these incredible times!

Whatever and however you are growing now, let it evolve step by step. Trust that the world supports you as change is afoot. And you can flourish in your learning and growth.


Reading For Me Right Now:

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez – because equality means we’re all working together in harmony

Inspirational Learning:

Ciara Young and The Blazing Heart Foundation

Quote from: ‘An Altar in the World’ by Barbara Brown Taylor


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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