How to Live From Your Heart

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

How can you live from your heart instead of inside your mind with it’s linear thinking, logical thoughts, problem-solving and story-telling?

Follow your breath and notice your posture and find yourself moving towards your heart-space.

You might like to place a hand gently on your heart centre which is in the centre of your chest up towards your throat. This is a physical tip to direct yourself from your mind to live from your heart.

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

It is the heart that makes us human. The heart is where the beauty of the human spirit comes alive… if we ever feel lost or overwhelmed, all we have to do is become still and listen in to our heart and we will soon find exactly where we are.

John O’Donohue

This makes great sense to me as I’ve been considering what is important with the work I do inviting people to be mindful and meditate. The crucial third aspect to this is to ‘live from your heart.’

We all have a heart but what does it mean to ‘live from your heart?’

Let’s look at the language and qualities associated with living from your heart. Then it’s easier to understand. Something like this:

Softness instead of harshness.

Accepting instead of judging.

Qualities like gratitude, tenderness, warmth, compassion, kindness, a sense of peace and joy.

We all know these qualities, and this is simply a reminder that we can choose to give them priority in our lives, if we want to!

Focus on one of these daily!

Invite yourself:

How could I be more compassionate today?

What act of kindness can I do today?

How do I feel at peace right now?

What brings me joy and could I spread it out to others today?

How can I be more loving today?

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

Set your intention to live from your heart

I love sharing these words from one of Mary Oliver’s poems which sets an intention to be happy and kind each morning:

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

More tips to live from your heart

And we’re not just talking about what might be described as ‘soft’ qualities of the heart:


You may be passionate about something – this passion comes from your heart. It’s the fire within you that leads you to new directions. Fire gives warmth and light.

When you’re passionate about something that’s important to you, your face shines brightly. You feel motivated to live from your heart. To make things happen and shine your light brightly.


Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

Robert Holden describes how to stay loving and open-hearted when you’re in conversation with family or friends. This is a great place to start because we often forget:

If a dialogue does not take place in the context of love, it will not have a loving outcome. However, if we start by remembering that we are both loveable, that we both want to love and be loved, and that love is the outcome we both desire, then we can both listen without defence and speak without attack.

Robert Holden


Courage, too, is a quality of your heart. You will be courageous because your heart reminds you to believe in yourself.

Even if you feel fear, courage is the quality that lifts you up. In order to achieve a task in hand, courage lets you move with ease through the fear.

More about courage and your  ‘lionheart’ here.


Praise – look for the best in others (we often find it easier to be critical). And this applies to ourselves too – switch self-critical thoughts to gratitude and self-compassion.

If it feels too easy to be grumpy and critical, stop yourself and notice if you can choose one thing that you can focus on to appreciate.

One single thing like this can lift your mood or help you see the best in another person.

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

What most matters

We turn toward the refuges of truth, love, and awareness by listening to the call of our heart… it is remembering what most matters to us that awakens and frees our spirit.

Tara Brach

It all starts with your heart. It’s your foundation to connect back there with moments of mindfulness and loving meditation. And keep returning to this, so that you can peacefully and joyfully live life from your heart.



Experiences with Place of Serenity.

Excellent books to live from your heart:

‘Loveability’ by Robert Holden

‘True Refuge: Finding peace & freedom in your own awakened heart’ by Tara Brach

‘Buddha’s Brain: The practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom’ by Rick Hanson

‘True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart’ by Thich Nhat Hanh


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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