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Whatever you are doing right now, you can live a meaningful life.

What does it mean to live a meaningful life?

Start with your awareness.

Your awareness moves everything, it is your power

~ Anita Briggs

In each moment when you are present, you’re the observer of your thoughts, actions and feelings. As humans we often spend a lot of time on autopilot.

You may recognize it as large chunks of your day when you are wishing the time away, disdainful for what you’re doing. Or keeping busy while your mind is hooked into a range of thoughts, feelings, story-telling, problem-solving and so on.

Almost like being on a conveyor belt.

Each moment you bring yourself back to the core of your being, notice what you are doing and thinking. This is your awareness. It is your power.

It’s also really important to remember that it is YOUR meaningful life. Someone else may judge you because you don’t have a job right now, or they deem what work you do to be inferior. Ignore.

You may be in transitional work, retired, currently unemployed or running a business that is not particularly successful right now. Yet you can still be living a meaningful life.

You may sitting and reading, eating, singing. The pleasure and enjoyment contributes to your meaningful life.

How do you live a meaningful life?

A few mindful breaths can get you started whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.

Each time you deepen your breath, you become more present.

Notice how you feel. Notice all that you are doing, watch your self and surroundings.  With this awareness, you are now living a meaningful moment, that in turn has the capacity to be living a meaningful hour, day, life.

Place of Serenity | A meaningful life through things of beauty


… get enjoyment from the little things of beauty and the poetry of the moment

~ Almine

Enjoyment arises from these tiniest of things.

I noticed a flock of birds outside my window the other day. I got my binoculars out and gazed at the most beautiful birds eating the black berries on the ivy.

I drank in the detail of their white striped eyes, brown and white flecked bellies and glimpse of rust-red beneath their wings. After they flew off, I looked them up to discover that they were Redwings.

What a gorgeous glimpse into nature, something I’d certainly have missed had I not looked out of the window in that moment.

When we experience the moment in wonderment and joyful discovery, the gateway of the present opens and infinite resources and possibilities rush in to illuminate life.

~ Almine

It can happen in all manner of ways. You might recognize it as feeling in the flow. Perhaps you’re sharing ideas in a work meeting. By being present – listening whole-heartedly, offering your suggestions, a ‘gateway’ opens and it all comes together.

Or you may simply be getting on with your work, but the bringing of your whole self to the task, however simple, fills you with pleasure.

You may have experienced this when doing household chores like cleaning the bathroom or washing the kitchen floor. As you think of caring for your home, yourself and family, simple tasks become meaningful.

We’ve recognized this in recent times where the pandemic has highlighted how important and overlooked is the work of so many people who are underpaid, not paid at all and undervalued. Delivery people, carers of all kinds, parents, hospital staff, healthcare clinics and more. We rely on one-another.

To live a meaningful life is all about your present state of mind

Be alert so you can offer praise, love and gratitude in any situation.

This leverages any moment to one that becomes a meaningful one. Keep your heart open with kindness, compassion and warmth. Towards others and towards yourself.

Allow yourself to live your meaningful life. It is unique to you.

It isn’t something out there that you still have to pursue or that you’ve unsuccessfully missed out on. It is now. It is yours.

Make it meaningful!


Yvette Jane

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