How to Honour and Value Yourself

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Today we live in a society that places value on financial wealth. But I don’t want to focus on that, let’s look instead at how every single one of us has value, and how it’s not related to finances of any kind.


Place of Serenity | value

In India, the Hindu greeting of ‘Namaste’ acknowledges that there is something deeper and more important in every one of us. ‘Namaste’ means something like: ‘The light in me greets the light in you.’

So whoever you are, we can each greet one-another as equals, looking to the inner spirit of each person. It cuts straight through outer judgment and criticism.

And in the beautiful healing modality known as ‘Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart’ one of the main principles is for us to focus on the perfection beneath appearances.

So that instead of being critical of ourselves or another, which can be so easy to do, we switch that round. We notice the best in a person, and that can inspire them into being it.

And additionally, we can focus on the best in us, which helps us become more of the person we wish to be.

Remember, your immense value has been there all along.  But over a lifetime, we forget to cherish ourselves. We build up self-beliefs that are destructive instead of inspiring.

In short, we forget that every single one of us contributes to the ecosystem of life. We each contribute a uniqueness that is ours alone. Its value is priceless.

Acknowledge and Encourage …

In my mindfulness and meditation courses, we are inspired by something that the monks do at Plum Village, Buddhist Monastery in France.

Each monk has a ‘buddy’ and they get together regularly to share gratitude and appreciation with eachother. So they need to be looking out for ‘the good’ that each has been doing in order to share it. Then express it –

‘Thank you for being so kind when …’

‘I noticed that you did ………. which was marvellous!’

‘Thank you for ….’

Place of Serenity | value

You may wish to try something similar in your own life!

Set your intention to notice the value in a person. It’s often loved ones who bear the brunt of our tiredness or grumpiness. We’re often quick to criticise or judge.

The idea of making sure you compliment, encourage or thank them instead of nagging, is a great place to start!

We all need cheerleaders who value us simply for being ourselves. These are simple ways to honour and value one-another.

The Wisdom of Trees

Place of Serenity | value

Sometimes we forget to respect and appreciate ourselves, especially if we have no cheerleaders in our lives. We compare ourselves to others and feel we’re not good enough, so it’s worth remembering the wisdom of the trees:

In his book, ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’, Peter Wohlleben describes how trees that are allowed to grow naturally in forests create their own communities.

Every tree has its value, contributing to the group’s ecosystem simply by its existence. If an old or unwell tree was to die, it would create a gap in the tree canopy. This allows windy storms and too much summer sun to affect every tree there, making it a more vulnerable group of trees.

So trees share their resources to support and enable every tree within their group to survive. I love this, because it’s also how we as humans are designed to live – to recognise the value in every one of us. Sadly, this isn’t happening in our society so much these days.

Yet you can begin, by nurturing your own self-value. You can honour and value yourself as part of the ecosystem. You don’t even have to know what your strengths and skills are – simply acknowledge and be yourself!

Meditate to Connect with your Sense of Value

Place of Serenity | value

  • Take some deep breaths to feel centred and calm.
  • It can be helpful to rest a hand gently on your abdomen, the area also known as your Solar Plexus; the area around your naval.
  • As you focus here, breathe deeply into it.
  • Visualise that you are breathing into a ball of light, like a sun. The Solar Plexus is the centre of your power and potentiality.
  • Imagine your power, strength, value and potentiality is expanding with every mindful breath. The golden warmth of the sun within your abdomen, bathes every cell of your body.
  • Remind yourself that you are part of the ecosystem, just like a mighty tree, a tiny bee or a little brown wren. Every single creature and aspect of nature has it’s place here on earth.

And so do you.

And as you feel this sense of worth and value, it feels easier to recognise it in others too.



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