Feel empowered

How are you getting on?

Whatever turmoil is happening for you personally and globally, you and I are each responsible for our own personal choices. Even if you feel as though life is carrying you somewhere ominous, you can still feel empowered. This is essential to remember.

Feel Empowered

I like this piece from a beautiful book I have read, called ‘Flight Behaviour.’

‘It was all impermanent …This one little life signified nothing in the long run …For the years and years of things that didn’t exist, fantasies of flight where there was no flight. Nothing, really, but walking away on your own two feet …’

Barbara Kingsolver

The reality is that each of us makes decisions every single day. We stand on our own two feet. Most of us are doing the best we can.

Yet we may be on auto-pilot. It’s possible we take a lot for granted. ‘Mindfulness’ is not just a simple trick to manage stress or notice the beauty of nature. It’s a ‘waking up’. To everything we have taken for granted, overlooked or had no idea about.

This means we can feel empowered.

Ideas from Martha Beck

Inspired by Martha Beck speaking with Maria Shriver, I’ve included Martha’s first 5 of her 7 steps which form her life philosophy. Since they chime with my own so well I hope these thoughts are helpful for you and your empowerment:

Step 1

Each day starts with the intention: ‘Calm all fears’.

This is your chance to lie in bed for a few extra moments and focus on your breathing. Or sit in the bathroom/kitchen/corner of your lounge.

I’ve lost track of the number of Mindfulness students I work with who fall at this first step. This is the place to return to again and again throughout your day. It’s the place of stillness and calm. It’s not the room you’re in, it’s the breath and your inner place of serenity.

Feel empowered

So whether you’re in your bedroom, travelling somewhere, in the shops or at work, this is your basic conscious breathing awareness. Focus on some mindful breaths and welcome how you feel empowered with this simple choice.

Remind yourself of your true priorities at least once a day, and you’ll gradually learn to return to this stable foothold more quickly and more often.

Martha Beck

To remind yourself of this, you may like to join a Mindfulness Class. Within a group, you can spend time experiencing the basic foundation to your personal empowerment.

It’s personal empowerment through peace! You are going to need this skill if you want to survive this chaotic world. Let’s face it, I think it will continue to be stormy, so you are going to have to learn to stay anchored! (I include myself of course!)

Step 2

Absorb nourishing food, drink, information and thoughts. Be very aware of toxicity.

This is especially true of the news. I’ve sometimes caught something on Facebook  that I wish I hadn’t read. I have found that I switch off the radio news more often these days.

Yet I still like to keep informed. You and I have choices.

Nourish yourself with happiness, love and nature. You might find that taking a whole morning out for mindfulness and meditation is like a complete clean sweep.

It’s good to be reminded that other people who live not so far from us, share similar desires for peace, kindness and love.

Feel empowered

Step 3

My own understanding is that we’re spiritual beings living a human life.

Even if this doesn’t resonate with you, there is still a chance to live from your ‘Metta’ self. Metta means loving kindness and friendship. With metta we remember that we are bigger and deeper than we think.

We sometimes forget that we’re part of the human web of life. Yet every one of us is part of the incredible cycle of nature.

Look out for Mindfulness Days or Relaxation Retreats in your area. It makes all your learning come alive when you actively choose to do something different.

Step 4

Connect your heart to all hearts on a daily basis.

This is the open-heartedness I speak of so often. It’s a human default to put up barriers and shut ourselves in to stay protected. But it’s also a human capacity to love and offer kindness to anyone.

We’ve all experienced a strong reaction towards images of humans who are suffering when we see them on the news. Those children and families who are living through the most desperate situations.

We may feel helpless as violence spreads across the globe destroying life.

But what we can do is stay grounded and offer our heartfelt meditation or prayers.

Remember that you can’t see sound waves vibrating through the air, yet you can hear. The same with positive, loving thoughts – they vibrate invisibly across the skies.

feel empowered

Step 5

Tell the truth. Start by deciding what your values really are.

What is important to you? It’s OK to acknowledge that you care what other people think. But that often leads to putting on a mask. We all do it because we don’t want to hurt someone, let them down, or we’re afraid that revealing our true selves won’t be well-received. You walk your path while others are walking theirs.

Let yourself be you! Feel empowered by this. There’s an advert I’ve seen somewhere, I think it’s for dating. It talks about the thing that makes you different or odd. That’s the exact thing that someone else will be drawn to. So don’t hide yourself!

I’m leaving the rest to Martha Beck – I was inspired by this video where she talks with Maria Shriver. Worth taking the time to watch:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Yvette Jane – Place of Serenity

Empower yourself with peace & mindfulness!



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