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I won’t bore you with stating the obvious so let’s move straight into how to let this Coronavirus phenomenon impact you for good; how to create space for stillness and calm.

Whatever your circumstances, either working on a frontline somewhere or at home, NOW poses the question of an alternative! anxiety

Life as we’ve known it, is for now, utterly changed. If you are staying indoors, notice how the flurry of news bulletins and updates tips you into a state of constant anxiety.

Excellent and required social connectivity and kindness is spreading rampantly – much needed and necessary.

Plus the invitation from so many to join in activities online, like singing, playing instruments, writing, meditating together, or going back to crafts, gardening, book-reading and baking.

You could be forgiven for being as busy as you’ve ever been before

And if you are trying to work from home whilst also looking after your children, this is an extremely stressful time.

However, tempting all the distractions are, this could be an opportunity not only to withdraw within your bricks and mortar home, but withdraw within to the depths of your body-home.

And this is essential if you are working on the frontline or dealing with added responsibilities – your health is still important.

Set an intention to value and include stillness and calm each day

Place of Serenity | Be still Choose a place that feels welcoming and quiet. At home it might simply be a stool by a window, the edge of your bed, your dressing table chair or somewhere outside in your garden.

Anywhere that you can be undisturbed for 5 minutes.

At work it might be a chair in the staff room, a specific view through a window, a bench outside the entrance.

Are you willing to be still for 5 minutes?

To be still with your body, thoughts and feelings. No distractions like radio, laptop, food or drink, mobile phone etc.

How strange or unusual would it feel to do this?
To simply be still?
To simply be

Everything always passes, and everything is already okay. Stay in the place where you can see that, and nothing will resist you

~ Martha Beck

Humans are drawn to drama – on the lookout for danger

Have you noticed how there is a hit of adrenaline as you switch on the news or see the news updates blazed in red on your laptop? The fear and worry over medicine shortages, food, loo rolls etc.

These are not pretend fears, they are real fears for people. Yet they don’t need constant feeding or you will be in a continual state of disturbance.

Whatever is happening, this is your opportunity to practice what you’ve always had the choice to do.

Notice how you are responding to this situation. In times of stress we usually behave in a default manner. And that will vary with each of us.

Invite yourself to experience 5 minutes of stillness and calm.

Some time in the morning, maybe around the middle of the day, in the afternoon, at bedtime.

If not now, when?

When might you connect in with your inner self?

Ask yourself if you have resistance? Does it seem pointless?

I know people say things like:

‘I’m too busy surviving.’
‘I won’t let …… get me down.’
‘I don’t want to overthink.’
‘I am just keeping busy.’
‘I’ll become a couch potato if I sit still.’

For those of you who already have a little bit of a meditation practice, this can also be the impetus to increase small moments connecting inwards.

With 5 minutes of stillness and calm you can be interested in what arises for you. Be open to the self-exploration that it offers.

Let good come from this opportunity to be more conscious of your choices:

  • Connect with others while still keeping distance
  • Help out in some capacity, however tiny
  • Go online but get off-line too
  • Connect with nature however you can
  • Keep movement in the mix – you can dance as often as you want in your own kitchen!
  •  Also remember:

In difficult times, talking about happiness is a necessity

~ Shawn Achor

And in addition to these choices choose stillness and calm. Begin an inner exploration of the treasures within yourself.

  • Soften all the tension in your body as best you can
  • Be present and become aware of your breathing
  • Imagine you are putting aside everything else, to bathe in a fountain of light and gentleness, love and self-compassion
  • Let each breath refresh you

Befriend stillness and calm and get to know yourself in this new way.

Repeat during the day. Repeat daily. Monthly. And so on as you create a new alternative.

Place of Serenity | stillness and calm

A sacred space is within me that contains a knowing. I go there frequently and I don’t allow doubt into that Divine inner dwelling. It is mine alone, and I share it with my source of being …

~ Wayne Dyer

Amongst all the challenges and fear right now, you can find quiet joy in your stillness and calm. The only way to discover it is to try!


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