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Perhaps you wonder how mindfulness helps in these unusual times of Covid19.

We don’t know what the future holds, but then we never did. This is mindfulness in action; the habits and assumptions we’ve perhaps always made, we now realise were never certainties. Mindfulness invites us to be present and not take things for granted.

We’re collectively experiencing lessons in realising that there never was any certainty and the best we can do is trust, surrender, be kind and create joy around us.

So I’ve collated 8 Place of Serenity Blog Posts which address different aspects of the wide-ranging topic we call ‘mindfulness’. Whatever your experiences are right now, I hope these ideas indicate how mindfulness helps you at this time of Covid19. Do forward on to others if you think it may help them too!

How to unhook from feeling overwhelmed

Maybe right now you are overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, loneliness, Place of Serenity | Feeling overwhelmeddifficult thoughts or low mood?

Whatever it is, you feel as though an avalanche is happening. You have a sense of drowning. Engulfed in the overwhelming experience.

So what do you do? Read on …  to see how mindfulness helps.

5 Simple Stress-busting Tips

Place of Serenity | stress busting tipsEveryone’s lives are uniquely different, but here are 5 simple stress-busting tips you can adapt to suit your kind of day.

Remember that you have a treasure-trove to choose from: Read on here …


Shift from Anxiety to Self-Compassion

We tend to be hard task-masters, tough on ourselves. We sometimes Shift from anxiety to self-compassionview gentleness, compassion and kindness as weaknesses. Does this sound familiar?

Our media and the world around us is aggressive and harsh, cruel and judgmental. This further supports the idea that kindness and self-compassion are soft options. Yet a shift from anxiety to self-compassion is empowering. Read more …

How to be Your Own Best Friend

Place of Serenity | How mindfulness helps What better than to be your own best friend and support yourself with emotional resilience, courage and kindness?

These are qualities you can nurture with mindfulness and self-compassion especially when life feels so stressful or out of balance. Read more here …

4 Tips to Tackle Your Anxiety

Place of Serenity | stress awareness Anxiety is one of many emotions we all experience. A certain level is normal but when it becomes crippling or feels as though it is in charge of you, then it’s time to tackle your anxiety. Read here for those 4 tips.



Bombarded by Thoughts – Let Mindfulness Help

Place of Serenity | waterfall of thoughts Do you find yourself with no control over your thoughts?

They become overwhelming, unhelpful and relentless. When you are bombarded by thoughts, here is how mindfulness helps! Read on …


The Power of Trust in Challenging Times

Place of Serenity | Hands of trust Fear and anxiety are natural responses to unusual and uncertain times. Any kind of trust and certainty flies out the window. Especially when your income has suddenly stopped and you just don’t know what the present or the future hold.

Anxiety and fear may be our first responses, but don’t despair. See if you can be willing to surrender to what is happening and experience how mindfulness helps. Read more …


How to Create Space for Still & Calm alongside Coronavirus

Place of Serenity | How mindfulness helpsHowever, tempting all the distractions are, this could be an opportunity not only to withdraw within your bricks and mortar home, but withdraw within to the depths of your body-home.

And this is essential if you are working on the frontline or dealing with added responsibilities – your health is still important. How to create space for still and calm: read more.


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If you are looking for a book on mindfulness, here are some ideas: Books on Mindfulness & Meditation

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