Honour Your Gifts and Strengths

Place of Serenity | Honour Your Gifts and Strengths

Your Gifts and Strengths are Unique to You

They form the very core of who you are.

And yet, sometimes your gifts and strengths can be perceived by others as faults or defects. I wonder if you recognise the struggle with your gifts and strengths? You may have spent many years trying to be ‘a square peg in a round hole’.

How Can your Gifts and Strengths not be Recognised?

If you are lucky, you have been totally accepted in your life, for who you are.

Yet sometimes the family we are born into, don’t truly see us. Or when we attend school, the whole set-up of that institution doesn’t have a place for us to fit in. Others see your ‘faults’ larger than life. You appear to stand out and not in a good way! And you may spend years trying to change or hide your true self.

Maybe you ask questions that no-one else asks.

Perhaps you have a joy for life that makes you exuberant and extrovert.

Or you love to engage in a debate or controversial topic.

Or you are quiet, introvert or feel left out somehow.

You have a logical mind that can see answers in a split second.

Perhaps your creativity means you speak in riddles and extraordinary concepts.

Be Yourself

(We) … learn how to be present with people without sacrificing who we are.

~ Brene Brown, ‘Braving the Wilderness’

From an early age, you may have experienced your gifts and strengths being squashed. Over many years you may have believed that there was something within you that needed to improve, to change, or to eradicate. You lost trust in your own abilities.Photo: Rowan Chestnut, UnSplash

Your parents, teachers and other adults made it clear that you were not fitting in somehow and needed to change aspects of yourself.

Even as an adult they (and even you) make comparisons to others. They do not see or understand the profound importance of being encouraged to step up and honour your gifts and strengths. So you lost that belief in yourself too.

Have you noticed over the challenges of your lifetime, that you can relax into your gifts and strengths that are uniquely yours? Once you are able to acknowledge and honour them.

Those parts of you that some people get triggered by, or simply do not see as positive, are really the most powerful qualities you have. You were born with them. They arise naturally within you.

When you be yourself, it feels almost effortless on your part. You actually draw people to you because of those very things you’ve struggled to make peace with. An aspect of your personality you may have felt ashamed of as a child, exacerbated by others’ criticisms, really do form an integral part of your natural gifts and strengths.

Your forthright nature, your gentleness, your unusual humour, your capacity to ask interesting questions. They are all valid qualities specific to you.

The Essence of You

Place of Serenity | Hidden harmony

… there is a hidden harmony … a sacredness, a higher order in which everything has its perfect place and could not be other than what it is and the way it is.

~ Eckhart Tolle

You have a ‘hidden harmony’ within you. Once you can recognise and acknowledge your individuality, you may feel a greater sense of self-value and confidence.

You realise that this forms part of your Essence. Almost like a fragrance that has its own blend of natural sources, the final product is unlike any other, once the wearer has it on her skin.

The very qualities that make you glow with an inner confidence are uniquely yours. They are an expression of something greater. They are your gifts not to be hidden. And once you can feel at peace with yourself, life begins to flourish.

Some will always criticise or belittle you. Behind your back or to your face. Ignore those people, hold your head high, and be who you were born to be!

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