What can we do with hate and blame?

I was in Amsterdam not long ago and re-visited Anne Frank’s house. It’s a place that provides a powerful memory of Anne’s life so cruelly ended with the atrocities that took place.

Also while there, I read ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel, a slim poignant read.

It details his experience in several of the concentration camps when he was sixteen, a year older than Anne when she died. Elie survived and made it his life’s work to keep the memory alive. ‘Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices.’

Hate and blame

And hate and blame continues to fester throughout our world. How can we work usefully with these strong reactions? Brene Brown’s writes about the subject of hate and blame, so useful for us all:

I woke up this morning looking for someone to blame. Someone to hate… Instead of feeling hurt we act out our hurt. Rather than acknowledging our pain, we inflict it on others. Neither hate nor blame will lead to the justice and peace that we all want – it will only move us further apart. But we can’t forget that hate and blame are seductive. Anger is easier than grief. Blame is easier than real accountability. When we choose instant relief in the form of rage, we’re in many ways choosing permanent grief for the world.

Brene Brown

Get Quiet

So if you experience a momentary emotion of hate, fear, blame or anger, see if you can use it constructively.  Do the opposite of what you feel compelled to do! Rather than rage and react, sit still and meditate.

Lisa Nichols states it perfectly:

The next time you sense a strong emotion, take some time to put a finger on exactly what you’re feeling. Get quiet, turn inward, and just listen …

From ‘No Matter What!’ by Lisa Nichols

Hate and blame

I’ll leave you with that. Hate and blame may be human emotions, but what will you do with them?

That’s what counts.


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The Diary of Anne Frank

Night by Elie Wiesel


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