Great Expectations

All of us have a tendency to great expectations.

Great expectations

‘The Snowman’ and great expectations

I love Raymond Briggs’ animated film, ‘The Snowman’.

It encapsulates the joy and happiness we long to experience and hold on to. The boy spends a magical evening with the snowman. Next morning he rushes outside with great expectations.

He believes he’ll see his friend again and the fun will continue. But his hopes are dashed. The snowman has melted. We feel the poignancy of that loss.

This story’s ending is a reminder that we constantly forget.

Everything is in a state of change and doesn’t last forever. It’s astonishing how much we humans rely on expectations and assumptions.

Yet life, and everything about it, is not as certain as we’d like to think.

Everything changes

Great expectationsJust like sandcastles. As children we may have spent hours building them on the beach.

Or mandalas created from coloured sand by Buddhist monks. They create beautiful, time-consuming works of art which are swept away on completion.

Everything has its moment!

If we are lucky, we get more of those joyful moments. Yet like the snowman, they’re not forever.

The best thing to do?

Savour every enjoyable second. Know that for the difficult times, this too, will pass.

Do you have great expectations?

Take each day as it comes. There’s greatness in that.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

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