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Hi everyone,

Here we are gliding swiftly from August into September. And the best way to move smoothly on with change is to anchor yourself firmly in your own body, breathe deeply and keep your heart open to joy.

I invite you to scroll down and dip into 3 of my latest blog posts, each reminding you, and I hope supporting you, with different aspects of a present life.

Place of Serenity NewsletterI recently sat down to explore a pile of family letters from the Second World War. I was struck by the one thing each letter had in common; the language of love. It seems that in times of upheaval and challenge, it is a human default to support family, friends and even pets, with love and humour.

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Place of Serenity | Meditate for Vibrant SerenityWhen you sit and meditate you are entering your own inner space. It’s not a passive, stuck space. Nor is it an escape, but a place that contains an active, vibrant serenity. Here’s how to create your own vibrant serenity next time you meditate!

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Place of Serenity | ClaustrophobicWith constant thinking, worrying, problem-solving and self-criticizing, it can sometimes feel claustrophobic inside your own mind. A bit like being stuck in your head with blinkers surrounding your eyes. A small space that walls you in and fear shuts you down.

So here is how to open up the space and feel less hemmed in with your challenging thoughts.

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I am feeling inspired by Carolyn McGregor of Petersfield Osteopathy, where I share rooms for my Mindfulness Classes. She has just set sail on a ‘Round Britain Adventure’. Part of a small group, she departed Falmouth, Cornwall on Saturday 29 August, to sail the entire UK coastline including Orkney, Shetland and Ireland in one continuous journey lasting six weeks and covering 1,700 – 2,000 miles. Carolyn is raising money for 3 good causes and you can follow her progress plus read more here.

I continue to work individually with clients using Zoom and it’s working well. So if you are interested in topping up your mindfulness practice or delving a little deeper, details are here.

I would also love to run an online ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course, so if you are interested, do get in touch. Dates TBC as/when there is demand.

With very best wishes,

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