Finding Tranquillity

Life is busy and it’s easy to let stress build up.

Yet even within the busiest of towns and cities where you might work you can find tranquillity.


Find Tranquillity in Unexpected Places

By seeking out nature you can enjoy a tranquil spot which provides space to reflect and recover from stress.

I love these tranquil spots that might sometimes feel unexpected: a leafy square in the centre of London, a riverside walk in Winchester, hollyhocks growing along the pavements of Amsterdam or a recent discovery in Kingsbridge, Devon – a Tranquillity Trail.

The Tranquillity Trail in Kingsbridge has been devised for residents and visitors to the town. It is a walking trail round the town centre highlighting lovely pockets of nature.

The project has been based on studies * which identify how beneficial the sounds of nature, open parks and green spaces can be for everyone’s health.


The trail directed me to lots of places I wouldn’t have discovered by myself.

These included the most amazing Community Garden just off the busy high street. Despite the rain, it felt like the most magical place to spend a while admiring the lush flowers, fruit and vegetables that were being nurtured by volunteers. They had created what felt like a paradise I wouldn’t have thought to enter without the directions of the trail.

A bench overlooking the quayside was a good place to hear the seabirds. A quiet churchyard invited visitors to picnic there and admire the distant hilly views. Back streets provided places to walk along with old walls trailing scented flowers.

Tranquillity Near You

Your own village, town or city will be similar. You may be familiar with some of its tranquil places – quiet corners that consist of spaces to reflect and connect with nature.

They might provide space for children to play. Or be more subtle such as hanging baskets of flowers along shopfronts or a bench beneath a tree on which to sit.

Sometimes it’s worth looking anew at your own surroundings and exploring them as if you were a visitor. Nature really is on your doorstep and it’s healing benefits are free for us all.


Protect Nature in Urban Areas

It’s particularly important that local councils support the well-being of their residents by creating natural spaces (and encouraging everyone with trails such as Kingsbridge.)

Only recently, due to people power, some large maple trees on Petersfield Square in Hampshire were saved from being destroyed. Their shade and colour continue to be of great beauty in the centre of a busy town. Trees in general provide powerful anti-pollutant properties.

We have the chance every day to make the most of our natural surroundings in order to help us remain calm amidst life’s uncertainties.

Give yourself the gift of tranquillity in nature. It’s a joyous thing!


* ‘Predicting perceived tranquillity in urban parks and open spaces’, Watts G R, Pheasant R J, Horoshenkov K V, 2011

‘Tranquillity and soundscapes in urban green spaces – predicted and actual assessments from a questionnaire survey’, Watts G R, Miah A, Pheasant R J, 2013

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