Live from your Heart 4 Week Course

Empower yourself with love and kindness!

We have been living through incredibly uncertain and changing times. So to help you with this our next online course invites you to live from your heart:

I'd love to run another Online Course. Email me if you are interested!

This 'Live From Your Heart 4 Week Course' reminds you that you have all the skills you need to heal your heart and live a joyful life. It takes place online as a weekly one hour session in the comfort of your own home. We share and experience together online at Place of Serenity's Zoom Room. If you can't attend, you will still receive recordings which will be sent to all participants. All other resources to support you will be as PDFs and daily emails of kindness & support.

We explore and nurture the powerful qualities of gratitude, appreciation, care and compassion. We combine them with stress-busting tips, mindfulness exercises & relaxation techniques. So you can navigate your life gracefully with a deeper sense of your own Self and a resilient heart! Now may be the perfect time to dedicate some time specifically to you.

This works for anyone: both beginners or a freshener if you've already done a little mindfulness. The course includes daily inspirations to keep the love flowing. This is for you if you're ready to uncover the power of kindness, manage stress and anxiety, as well as enrich your day-to-day life.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of time and kindness!

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

Next Course will be online:

WHERE:  Online

WHEN:  2021

Do get in touch if you're interested & have queries.

4 Weekly sessions

TIME: 7.00pm-8.00pm (GMT)

COST:  £54.00 – Includes four one hour sessions, helpful resources and daily email inspirations

Contact: Yvette to book your place on the next course

Once you have been in touch with me you can arrange payment either via online banking (preferable & I will email you my bank details) or as follows:



  • 'Befriend' your body’s stress response with kindness, relaxation & easy to manage mindfulness tips
  • Understand how to centre yourself by aligning your head, heart & body
  • Learn breathing techniques & mindfulness reminders to transform from frazzled to gracefully calm
  • Bring appreciation, compassion and loving kindness to yourself, keys to softening the voice of the inner critic
  • All sessions teach you to manage stress and anxiety, and give you some relaxing 'me' time each week

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