Morning of Retreat

If you have a group you would like to experience a morning or full day of Mindful Retreat, please Contact me here at Place of Serenity. We can tailor the day to your requirements. Various locations available. The following offers one example, and another example of a Full Day Retreat here.

An Idea for your Mindfulness Retreat Morning:

Enter the portal of your heart!

Celebrate yourself and the joy of living!

Give yourself space …

I invite you to join me in the beautiful setting of White Eagle Lodge, Rake, Hants. We will experience a Morning of Retreat with time out off from your busy life to experience replenishing relaxation, enjoyment and mindfulness.

There is great power in connecting with one-another, and in taking the time to deepen into your own heart-space.

Place of Serenity | Morning of retreat

Time: 9.45am -1pm

  • Arrive 9.40 onwards for a 10.00am start
  • Escape your usual Saturday morning to celebrate yourself and the joy of living!
  • Mindful experiences inspired by nature and the senses
  • A chance to mindfully create a nature mandala, mindful writing, tasting, walking and relaxing
  • Connect into your true, resonant self
  • Gorgeous guided meditations
  • Led by Yvette Jane, Mindfulness & Meditation Guide at Place of Serenity

Place of Serenity | Morning of retreat

Guided Meditations & Mindful Experiences.
Quiet joy & friendship.
Refreshments & snacks included.
Morning finishes by 1.15pm.
Resources to take away.

My blog post on why giving yourself beautiful experiences helps create the life you want.

Nature Mandalas

I’ve been playing with some flower and fruit mandalas which we will all be creating! Place of Serenity | May Morning of Retreat

These mandalas are dismantled after you’ve photographed them. You will be able to take the flower petals and fruits home, perhaps to add to a luxurious bath!


Rose petals and leaves, lime and kiwi fruit










Rose quartz crystals, rose petals, leaves freesia flowers


Contact Yvette for all queries (payment will be through Internet Banking)

What people said after our Morning Retreat:

Thank you for the morning of meditation at White Eagle Lodge. A beautiful setting for a peaceful morning where I experienced some lovely new meditation techniques.
– Lynne, on our last morning of retreat here

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Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity