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‘Equanimity is neither apathy nor indifference: you are warmly engaged with the world but not troubled by it.’

Rick Hanson, ‘Buddha’s Brain

Develop a sense of Equanimity

I like Rick Hanson’s definition of equanimity. The ability to experience a beautiful sense of calm, tranquility and balance.

Do you experience this as you go about your day? Most of the time, life feels like the opposite of calm and tranquil!

The practice of mindful meditation is a good way to develop your sense of balanced calm. Done regularly it is more likely to influence your behaviour during stressful times.

Mountain Meditation

Sometimes it can help to visualise something from nature, such as a mountain. The powerful reminder of a mountain helps you to experience an inner sense of calm and equanimity when faced with challenges.

‘Sit like a mountain. Sit with a sense of strength and dignity. Be steadfast, be majestic, be natural and at ease in awareness. No matter how many winds are blowing, no matter how many clouds are swirling, no matter how many lions are prowling, be intimate with everything and sit like a mountain. This is an image of equanimity.’

From: Sit Like a Mountain: An Image of Equanimity by Sharon Salzberg

Place of Serenity | equanimity

The Mountain Meditation invites you to visualise a mountain. To sit straight and tall. To feel dignified and grounded.

Focus on the aspects you might associate with a mountain such as strength, steadiness, balance, grandeur and patience.

‘…equanimity: the capacity to experience the inevitable ups and downs of life without being thrown into wild emotional swings.’

Roger Walsh, ‘Essential Spirituality’

A mountain calmly sits through all weathers, seasons, day and night.

Sit like a mountain and watch your feelings and thoughts flow past as though they’re clouds.

In this way The Mountain can be a helpful metaphor when you meditate.

Nurture your sense of calm and navigate your way with equanimity!


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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