Easy Introduction to Meditation

Easy meditation

6 easy steps to help you with meditation

  1. Intention: decide that meditation is something you want to do.
  2. Schedule your practice each day. Choose a 10 minute slot at a time that suits you the best.
  3. Choose a comfortable place to sit undisturbed.
  4. Notice your body, mood and thoughts.
  5. Continue with your stillness and soften into your body. You will become aware of areas of tension. Simply soften into them and let the tension go.
  6. Keep noticing your body, mood and thoughts. Easy meditation

Call it whatever suits you!

Meditation is a way of being present with yourself. You can call it whatever suits you!

Meditation           Stillness        Peace and quiet

Stepping off the treadmill

A few moments of relaxation

Your place of serenity or refuge

What are you actually ‘doing’?

Your brain is designed to focus best on one thing at a time. As it deals with lots of demands throughout your day, the body builds up stress. As this tension and stress increases, your body ideally wants to return to its steady state. Give yourself these moments of meditation to help this to happen.

Relax the muscles in your body.

Relax your mouth, tongue and teeth. You have Parasympathetic fibres in your mouth. These help the body elicit the rest/digest response which allows the body to relax.

Make sure your spine is upright.

If you’re sitting on a chair, get a sense of your feet feeling grounded.

Rest on the waves of your breath.

Breathe in and out.

To help you focus away from your mind’s busy chatter, choose something to rest your attention on:

Your heart centre.

Some words or phrases: ‘In, out, in, out’ or ‘I breathe in peace, I breathe out tension’.

The flame of a candle.

A flower.

Be fully present experiencing these moments right now.

Easy meditation

What does meditation mean?

A dictionary definition of Meditation says that it is a practice of concentrated focus. Direct focus is on a sound, object, visualization, the breath and body’s movement. This increases your awareness of the present moment which in turn helps reduce stress, promotes relaxation, and enhances personal and spiritual growth.

It’s easy to begin meditation! Yet it’s often something that can fall by the wayside. Make it a daily habit. There is plenty of information out there to learn more. Or join a class to meditate with others. This can be a real support for you. Whatever you do, enjoy your meditation!

And do get in touch if I can help too!

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