Do You Feel Stuck with Negative Daily Habits?

Place of Serenity | Do You Feel Stuck with Negative Daily Habits

We Feel Safe with Many of Our Daily Habits

Our routines get us out of bed in the morning and we don’t like to be shaken up by unexpected events. Of course we don’t enjoy the unexpected; unheated water in our shower or the car not starting for work.

That’s fair enough!

But what if this also means that you are taking for granted huge numbers of blessings?

And you go about your day in many ways feeling numbness?

Maybe you sometimes feel like you are walking among zombies as you commute to work on the train. That you and everyone else are sleep-walking?!

And some of your negative daily habits are self-destructive.

Start to Vary Your Habits

  1. Vary your routine – try an alternative route home from work
  2. Smile and say hello to a stranger
  3. Stop and chat to the person selling ‘Big Issue’
  4. Go into a shop you’ve always walked past and never gone into before
  5. Visit a village or town that is nearby but which you’ve not been to before
  6. Book a workshop or a talk on a subject you know nothing about!
  7. Pause and look at the sunset …

These are just a handful of adjustments to try.

Mindfulness to Help Transform Negative Daily Habits

Maybe you can think about how you can make other small changes at other points in your day.

And perhaps you may find you’re ready for larger changes. Life-style adjustments, a career change, a house move. Yet these big changes come about through tackling the negative daily habits.  Place of Serenity | Daily habits on the phone

The self-destructive daily habits we all have can be changed through the power of being mindful. You will know what daily habits these are.

They could be nutritional choices, exercise priorities, rest breaks, Social Media addictions, opportunities for mindful breathing and more.

When you bring your focus onto tackling one simple daily experience, you can make changes slowly but surely. Your mindful awareness means that you are making choices, rather than running on auto-pilot.

It takes courage to make changes to your daily habits, but living your life more fully is the outcome. Start with the small daily habits and watch how your sense of empowerment grows!

Happy living (really living!)

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