Place of Serenity | inner meditation space

When you sit down to meditate imagine that you are entering a different space. A place of serenity, of inner stillness.

Imagine you are opening a door to your inner sanctuary. So all the noise and chaos around you fades into the distance gradually.

Create your inner meditation space

Sit down and anchor yourself with the breath. Then open up your capacity to create your inner meditation space. Place of Serenity | inner meditation space

This is an inner space that is exclusively yours. Bring your focus to your own creation with endless possibilities:

  • a woodlands with mossy barks and a musical stream
  • a lush jungle of incredible tropical plants
  • a smooth white beach looking onto a glittering vast ocean
  • mountains of magical snow or fresh grass with tinkling goat-bells
  • a walled garden with roses and herbs
  • a crystal cave
  • a treehouse

Let your imagination run free to create your inner meditation space

Here you feel safe and peaceful. Don’t forget you can recall sounds and smells.

Sounds like:

  • birdsong
  • ocean waves
  • bees

Smells like:

  • fresh soil
  • sea air
  • sweet grass

This inner meditation space, your place of serenity, might also be an indoor space. Create a room that becomes your meditation cocoon. What might that feel like? Perhaps your space is: Place of Serenity | Inner meditation space

  • a log cabin that is alive with the smell of wood
  • a yurt with a woodburning stove
  • a cottage with a cosy window seat and open fireplace
  • a clean and pristine space with large glass windows to look out onto beautiful views

You may feel warm wooden floors beneath you, colourful silky rugs or smooth marble. Or back outside, imagine the sand beneath your bare toes, the softest moss, the freshest grass.

I’d feel my body, heart, and mind light up as if the sunlit sky was suffusing every cell of my body and shining through the spaces between the cells.

Tara Brach from ‘True Refuge’

Nurture the quality of love

Visit your inner meditation space daily.

Breathe slowly and deeply to immerse yourself here. Not only is it your place of refuge and meditation, but the space in which you remind yourself of love.

Draw upon the nourishing feelings you may have experienced – when you felt loved, seen, accepted. This may mean that you call to mind people you know and love, inspirational teachers and figures, even imaginary characters.

When you think of these people, immerse yourself in the feelings of being really loved, respected, seen, acknowledged.

And if this feels uncomfortable or impossible, imagine you are part of nature. Soften into a feeling of being at one with the web of wildlife around you.

Place of Serenity | Inner meditation space

Remind yourself that you are valued and loved because you are a crucial part of it, simply being you. Fill yourself with a sense of this greater belonging.

Tap into qualities you want to feel – calm, patience, ease, harmony, peace. As you sit in stillness, it takes a good deal of focus to begin settling into a space like this. You will notice that unsolved problems suddenly arise, other urges offer drama into which you can be distracted.

Acknowledge all of these feelings. And keep coming back to your true, inner space. Bathe in your inner garden, sanctuary, cocoon.

Feel your inner qualities and then let them flow through and out into your life:

  • Centred and balanced
  • Calm and peaceful
  • Loving and open-hearted

Each time you visit your inner meditation space you strengthen a whole range of such qualities. And this is how you can manifest an outer life that matches these inner feelings.

Here’s to living a life of inner and outer peace and serenity!


Read: True Refuge by Tara Brach

Listen to: Under the Ivy by Kate Bush


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity







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