The Constant Companion You Can’t Shake off – Negative Thinking

Do you wake up every day to negative thinking? It’s the constant companion you can’t shake off.

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Your Constant Companion

As soon as you surface from sleep, you hit the road running and bring with you that day’s emotion. It could be contented joy, excitement or steely determination.

Or it might be a gnawing anxiety, the bleakness of being lonely or a general queasiness of fear. Sometimes it may feel like you awake to a constant companion, where the anxiety, fear or depression are doggedly hanging on.

How can Mindfulness help with Negative Thinking?

  • Firstly, allow yourself a moment to say hello to this constant companion.
  • Sit up at the side of your bed, acknowledge your familiar friend, and focus on a few breaths.
  • Say to yourself, ‘I am feeling sad AND I can breathe in light. I am feeling anxious AND I can breathe in calm.’
  • Decide that you will treat yourself with loving kindness.

Mindfulness during the Day

Acknowledge how you are feeling and know that you take these feelings with you into your day ALONGSIDE all your other experiences. And nor do they define you. Place of Serenity | negative thinking

Look for tiny moments when you can be mindful and lift your mood. Notice tiny blessings that are around you.

  • Drink your tea calmly and mindfully.
  • Savour and enjoy your meals.
  • Walk out in nature whenever possible in order to breathe in fresh air.
  • Create your own positive affirmations and say them to yourself regularly.

There’s room for the positive and negative. So don’t allow your constant companion to be a bully!


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