Do you ever take time out to connect with your heart?

Connect with your heart

When you’re feeling negative, especially towards yourself, notice what your default setting gets you doing and thinking.

You may experience an avalanche of cruel put-downs towards yourself, while you find yourself keeping busy with work/emails/eating/exercising or shopping.

It’s easy to forget to remain open-hearted. To connect with your heart.

As humans we have a tendency to be disappointed in ourselves, believing that we’re not enough as we are. We keep striving to ‘do’ and ‘be’ better in some way.

Over our lifetime, we collect a range of phrases we throw at ourselves. We have behaviours that we turn to, when we’re experiencing low moments. Place of Serenity | Connect with your heart

Most of these thoughts and activities we feel helpless to do otherwise, as if we have no choice. Becoming conscious of them is the first step to becoming our own boss.

Sit still!

So when we make a mistake, we berate ourselves. We give ourselves a hard time and wish we could have done better. At this point, watch what you feel compelled to do, and then do the opposite!

Instead of rushing into the same old behaviours, sit still and welcome your feelings; sit still instead of running round like a mad thing!

Direct your thoughts away from your mind where your focus has the ability to grow the negative to huge proportions. Guide your inner gaze towards your heart by following your breath and settling into stillness.

Connect with your heart

Tara Brach suggests you offer a tender, light touch towards yourself, with the intention of offering love to all of your feelings.

Say silently within: ‘I’m here with you.’ And by placing a hand gently on your heart centre – around the middle of your chest, you can reinforce this companionable feeling.

Connect with your Heart Meditation

Imagine that each breath is flowing to your heart and is light – sparkling, warm, vibrant light!

Focus on your breath and the light that you’re breathing in to your heart. Repeat these four words. They are reminders, recommended by Deepak Chopra:

Connect with your heart

Allow them to radiate from your heart, out towards all parts of your body. Let them vibrate through your every cell. Deepak Chopra suggests that you then ask yourself,

‘How can I be the change that I want to see in the world?’

So if you wish for peace in the world, be that peace! Be the harmony and love!

Listen to your heart and re-focus on your four words again if your mind starts spiralling off in search of answers.

In between your breathing and your words of peace, harmony, laughter, love, you may experience a tiny insight. Or experience a reminder of pure calm.

If your thoughts turn towards negativity again, repeat your loving phrase: ‘I’m here with you.’

Complete your meditation by appreciating the simplicity of a quiet moment sitting in stillness, as you connect with your heart.

Let me know how you get on in the Comments Box below – will you be connecting with your heart soon?



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Deepak Chopra’s website is full of inspiration.

‘True Refuge’ by Tara Brach

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