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We all Wish to Live a Peaceful Life

That doesn’t mean a life without joy or the ups and downs of being a human. You live a peaceful life where you feel a sense of harmony, calm and ease within yourself. It’s the basis from which to become the best kind of person you wish to be.

Our recent experiences of Lockdown and changes in the way we interact with others may have elicited further questions in your own minds.

  • How have I been living that detracts from being my best self?
  • What is really important to me now?
  • How can I live a peaceful life?

Peace begins with you by the actions you do every day and the way you live your life. Peace is a choice, and you promote peace wherever you go.

Jim Schneider

Peace begins with you

To Live a Peaceful Life is a Choice

We all know how outside circumstances can influence our minds and we end up getting caught in stressful thoughts that take us round in circles. It can be difficult to switch off from these thoughts where we throw everything into the mix and a feeling of peace seems a million miles away.

If you look at it from a different perspective we all have choices. We are in charge of creating our experiences. We can choose to ruminate on the challenging things, and let anger, shame or regret get the better of us.

Or we can decide to focus instead on appreciating all that we have, and to feel loving, kind and calm. We can also choose to make more space in our daily lives for moments of tranquility. The more you focus on feelings of appreciation, love, kindness and calm, the more you will experience them within yourself. And we begin to create a more spacious peaceful life.

For most of us, this takes a proactive effort every single day.

And when you choose to feel more at ease with the challenges in your life, they won’t have disappeared, yet their power over you lessens. Deal with them from a peaceful perspective and a place of active appreciation.

The idea of CHOICE is extremely profound. Whatever experience you are in right now, you can choose what thoughts and actions to employ. Even the language you use towards yourself can be powerful:

Sometimes we can be relentlessly forceful with ourselves. Our negative language is like a whip-lash forcing us into following rules. We make decisions based on telling ourselves:

‘I’ve GOT to ….’

‘I MUST …’


Simply ease up and shift this around to say:


Choose to Engage with Your Breath

You have probably read about the breath many times now. And dismissed its power. It’s the one thing that is so easy to forget and take for granted.

Most of the time we as humans are not breathing as deeply and slowly as we can. This is a simple yet wondrous trick of the body – deep, slow breaths balance our nervous system back to a place of calm. You can help your body by choosing to focus on your breath.

Whenever you are feeling tense and stressed, use your breath as an anchor point to ground you and balance your body. It can be very helpful when others around us, or circumstances we find ourselves in, elicit a stressful reaction in us. We can choose to breathe slowly and deeply.

Don’t let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.

Dalai Lama

Your Choice to Live a Peaceful Life Affects You and Others

You already know the ways in which you yourself can feel more at peace.

  • Giving yourself plenty of time rather than scrabbling with deadlines and time-constraints
  • Having a good sleep experience
  • Connecting regularly with nature in ways that you love best, whether that’s a woodland walk, a view of the sea, a cycle ride around a park, a visit to landscaped gardens or an outdoor swim
  • Doing crafts you love, playing music, dancing, any physical activity you enjoy
  • Giving yourself space – time to sit still and meditate, contemplate, write in your journal, enjoy a hot drink, look out of a window, sit and read a book
  • Spending time with a loved one

If you realise that you are not doing anything that you love including the above things, you will probably be experiencing stress. And although you may enjoy the adrenaline of such a life, it is not necessarily a balanced or peaceful life.

Make the decision, one tiny choice at a time, to invest in creating your peaceful life. This not only raises your own experience, but has repercussions on those around you. Family and work colleagues/clients will also benefit from your choice to live a peaceful life.

If you want to be a voice for peace in the world, begin by making peace a permanent condition of your own life.

Wayne Dyer

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