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Do you want to change the world with the work you do?

Change the world

Change the World One Chocolate Square At a Time!

I was at a Business Event in Winchester where one of the speakers was Josephine Fairley. She was co-founder of Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate.

She believes that a business can be both ethical and successful. From the very start, this was the basis of her Green & Black’s company. It was the combination of the world’s most delicious chocolate yet sourced and produced ethically!

Josephine’s mission was ‘to change the world one chocolate square at a time!’

I also loved hearing Josephine crediting Mindfulness and Meditation as invaluable tools in her busy and successful life.

She pointed out that being mindful is not just for managing life when it’s got out of hand. It’s just as effective when life is successful and you’re on top of the world. It helps you be fully present to that.

Build a Business That is Both Successful and Can Change the World

The lesson from the Green & Black story is that you can build a business that is both successful and can change the world. When you lay the foundation of strong values and express your love and enjoyment, any work you do can be a big hit!

A lot of entrepreneurs today share this kind of vision. So I invite you to savour every moment – especially when you are enjoying what you most love!

And whatever your work involves, remember that you can change the world!


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