Place of Serenity Newsletter December 2020

Winter Solstice Greetings

By Yvette | 20/12/2020

Place of Serenity News Hi! Place of Serenity News for the Winter Solstice   I hope you have been keeping well through these extremely challenging times. I’ve been a little quiet recently but have continued to communicate on Facebook where I hope my daily posts inspire one or two of you. I’ve been listening to lots of…

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Place of Serenity News

September Newsletter

By Yvette | 24/09/2020

Hi everyone Be Kind to Yourself I hope you are well. Our most recent situation with the pandemic and government behaviour continues to be unsettling. I thought it would be a good time to run my ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course starting Wednesday 7 October at 7pm as it really does help you to build your inner…

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Place of Serenity Newsletter

Glide through August into September

By Yvette | 31/08/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter: Hi everyone, Here we are gliding swiftly from August into September. And the best way to move smoothly on with change is to anchor yourself firmly in your own body, breathe deeply and keep your heart open to joy. I invite you to scroll down and dip into 3 of my latest…

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Place of Serenity | July Newsletter

Joy and peace for this July

By Yvette | 12/07/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter Hi everyone I’ve gathered together my most recent blog posts for this July newsletter. They cover a range of subjects and I hope you will dip into some of them and find them helpful. Sending you thoughts of joy and peace as we continue to navigate these sometimes uneasy times. Best…

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Beautiful Reminders

By Yvette | 07/06/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter: Hi everyone Following the above quote, today’s newsletter contains mindful updates to help with exactly this. Offering you beautiful reminders to keep your heart and mind uplifted. I have a couple of blog posts and 3 of my most recent SoundCloud ‘Moments of Meditation’. Scroll down and dip in! What Does it Mean to…

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Place of Serenity | May Newsletter

Moments of Meditation

By Yvette | 17/05/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter Hi everyone Let’s keep our hearts open and uplifted! I have been adding moments of meditation to the Place of Serenity Soundcloud to help you. They are short and accessible. You are welcome to click in and listen and do let me know whether they are helpful for you. Scroll down…

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Place of Serenity

Just 5 Minutes

By Yvette | 10/05/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter: Click on the link for 5 minutes of meditation: On Place of Serenity: SoundCloud Hi everyone I hope you are keeping in good health. Today I offer you a short recording and two blog posts. Stay uplifted in a state of hope and unabashed brilliance! MOMENTS OF MINDFULNESS: I will be posting short…

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Place of Serenity | daffodil

Let’s March into Spring!

By Yvette | 01/03/2020

Place of Serenity Newsletter Do you give yourself some time? This morning I headed down to West Wittering Beach. As you might imagine, it was windswept with blue skies, blustery clouds and dogs going wild with excitement! As my ears were starting to freeze, I headed around East Head where it becomes calmer and sunnier. The…

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Place of Serenity News


By Yvette | 09/02/2020

Hi everyone, Today’s blustery weather is a great metaphor for staying calm amidst the storm! I hope you are safe. Buddha said: “Be a lamp unto yourself, be a refuge to yourself.” It’s a good reminder that although you may search the world over trying to find it, your ultimate refuge is none other than your own…

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Place of Serenity | Be Kind to Yourself

Serenity News

By Yvette | 11/01/2020

Hi everyone, As we head into this new year, you might be feeling as though you need a little support. We are living through unkind and difficult times, it seems. So here might be the perfect opportunity to empower yourself with love and kindness on this ‘Be Kind to Yourself 4 Week Course’. Like a soothing balm,…

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By Yvette | 01/09/2019

Place of Serenity Newsletter: Hi everyone! ‘Sit together, you and all the facets of yourself, and just breathe. The inner critic who says “this is dumb;” the ego that urges “get back to work;” the child worrying “am I doing it right?” Just sit and breathe together, gently, tenderly. You’re OK. You are enough. Breathe…

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Place of Serenity | August Inspiration

August Inspiration

By Yvette | 04/08/2019

Place of Serenity Newsletter Hi everyone, August is a month of abundance and I love this reminder how gratitude can make such a difference in our lives: ‘Recognise how profoundly wealthy you are in every conceivable way through sincere, profound appreciative recognition of everything around you and in your environment’ ~ Ciara Young This kind…

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Place of Serenity | Mindfulness Taster Session

Mindfulness at The Physiotherapy Centre, Haslemere

By Yvette | 18/07/2019

The Physiotherapy Centre is based at Holy Cross Hospital in Haslemere. The centre has fabulous equipment including a hydrotherapy pool and light and airy physiotherapy gym. The hospital treats patients who are highly dependent and need specific care. The physiotherapy centre helps with this and is also available for all outpatients. Set in a beautiful…

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Place of Serenity | July Inspiration

July Inspiration

By Yvette | 04/07/2019

Hi everyone, Here we are in July and today I share upcoming events and a few recent blog posts. Sit back and relax with a delicious cool drink, and give yourself time to browse Place of Serenity’s world of mindfulness and meditation! I am involved in running a short Mindfulness Taster Session at this event…

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Place of Serenity | Mindfulness Taster Session

Mindfulness at Painshill Wellbeing Week

By Yvette | 25/06/2019

As part of Painshill Wellbeing Week we offered a Taster Session. A Taster Session is a good opportunity to learn more about mindfulness and meditation and how it might be applicable in your life. Follow this link for future Mindfulness Taster Sessions. Painshill Park has other activities available for you to book between 24th and…

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity News

June News

By Yvette | 02/06/2019

Hi everyone, Our June news update: Are you giving yourself some moments of stillness and calm? Our lovely space, above, is set in beautiful grounds where nature adds to the feeling of calm on our 6-Week Mindfulness & Meditation Course.  I hope to run more here before renovations get underway. Do get in touch if you’ve…

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity news and inspiration

May News & Inspiration

By Yvette | 05/05/2019

Hi everyone, News and inspiration from Place of Serenity for May: With attention to detail, the simple can become a celebration, and the moment can change from mundane to extraordinary. In celebrating the moment, we demonstrate acknowledgement that there are no unimportant moments. – Almine I hope you are having many extraordinary moments! I invite…

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity news

April Inspiration: news & updates

By Yvette | 07/04/2019

‘Reason predicts the future based on the past, thereby perpetuating the past. Only the heart can guide us through the uncharted territory of moments yet to come.’ ~ Almine Place of Serenity News We are creating each present moment, and our future, with our current thoughts and behavior. (You are doing this personally, and, of…

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity News

Place of Serenity March Updates

By Yvette | 01/03/2019

Hi everyone, We’ve all built up defense mechanisms to help us cope with life. In our 6-Week Mindfulness & Meditation Course we begin to access all the subconcious thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, ideas that hold us back. A life-time is stored in our brains, and mindfulness can be the start to an incredible life-time journey of returning to…

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Place of Serenity | appreciate

February Updates

By Yvette | 02/02/2019

I have so many updates for you in this February newsletter which I hope you will enjoy. There are several dates for courses, weekly meditation and blog posts, all of which lead you in some way to connect with ‘that circle of your own soul’. So have a browse, and do get back to me…

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity News

December 2018 News

By Yvette | 22/12/2018

21 December 2018 Hi everyone! There is much to celebrate in the month of December with today’s Mid-Winter Solstice and Christmas. A chance to remember the simple things in life – nature, family, yourself! I invite you to grab a cuppa, sit back and have a relaxing browse. Best wishes for a peaceful, joyous season. …

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