Christmas Wishes


Hi everyone Give yourself a moment tomorrow, (21 December), the Winter Solstice, to sit in the darkness. Let stillness settle around you. Then as you light a candle, breathe courage and love into your heart. Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch over the year and for all the lovely Weekly Meditation attendees. I Continue reading »

Have Yourself a Mindful Little Christmas

Have yourself a mindful christmas

Being mindful is neither a chore nor a rigid set of rules. Experience a mindful Christmas of joy and quiet pleasure. Enjoy these simple reminders! ‘During the next few weeks, observe yourself compassionately, like a professional chess player watching a three-year-old learn the moves. Notice when you become stressed, manic, demanding, anxious, or seized by Continue reading »

Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle

Tips to reduce festive frazzle

It’s the countdown to Christmas and it can be easy to succumb to festive frazzle. You know the feeling? You get caught up in a snowstorm of activity, shopping and extra commitments on your time. So here are some simple tips to reduce festive frazzle and help you glide calmly through your day: • Commit Continue reading »