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You already know that you can boost your wellbeing with nature. The world offers you a treasure trove of landscapes that can inspire you and help you feel more calm, joyous and free. Let’s see how simple this can be.

When you are surrounded by nature your body naturally produces endorphins (the feel-good hormones). There is no need to do anything for this to happen.

While you are there – standing under a beech tree or looking across at a mountain view, let your body absorb the experience. It is naturally being given as a gift to you.

Stand, sit or lay there and soak it all in. Your body is responding to something deeper and more connective. Let it happen.

Feel the earth, sun, sky. Listen to the breeze in the trees, the birdsong and the bees. Smell the fragrances wafting towards you.

Place of Serenity | wellbeing with nature

The vitality and energy of nature is yours to draw on whenever you can

We are connected – with every breath we take.

William Bloom sets it out simply for connecting with nature:


It’s lovely to be moving through countryside – especially if you are walking, cycling or boating. Yet see if you can stop completely and relax.

As you let go of all the tension in your body, you might notice your breathing naturally slows down.

Breathe slowly and deeply. As if you’re drinking in the beautiful scene around you. As you breathe more deeply and slowly, your brainwaves slow down from busy Beta to a slower state of Alpha.

It would seem then that our nervous system can be influenced by the earth’s electromagnetic field. Maybe that’s why being in nature has always been so restorative and healing… getting out in natural surroundings—can slow our brain waves down from the aggressive, vigilant, anxious, and impatient states that are seen in higher ranges of beta brain waves to more restorative alpha waves.

Dr Joe Dispenza

You might like to read more about this connection with human brainwaves and the earth’s ‘heartbeat’, known as The Schumann Resonance.

Place of Serenity | wellbeing with nature

Urban nature

And if you live and work in an urban area, you can still seek out powerful moments of connection with nature. A sunset, a bench beneath a tree, a view to the sky from the train window or blackbird song outside your bedroom.

Let yourself relax and absorb the moment. Nature is there to connect with you, support you and bring joy. You only need to remember this and be open to it.

If you are stuck inside an office, remember that you can visualize your connection with the earth. Deep beneath the foundations of the building, is the earth.

Visualise the hot molten lava of the earth’s core. Imagine you are drawing upon that energy with your feet, as though you had roots that tendril down to this source of nature.

Open up to the harmony of life

We are all connected by the web of life. Breathe in nature and recognise that you are part of the ecosystem, and like every insect, flower or bird, you contribute in your uniqueness to the harmony of life.

There is always a way to boost your wellbeing with nature.

I love nature, don’t you?

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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity



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