Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

As we move into 2018 …   Take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention … May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder John O’Donohue   Yvette Jane at Place of Serenity  

Christmas Wishes


Hi everyone Give yourself a moment tomorrow, (21 December), the Winter Solstice, to sit in the darkness. Let stillness settle around you. Then as you light a candle, breathe courage and love into your heart. Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch over the year and for all the lovely Weekly Meditation attendees. I Continue reading »

November News

November News

November news! Hi everyone! There’s no way to sugar-coat things – dissatisfaction, anger, fear – there’s a whirlpool of strong emotions blowing through the land. Yet it’s a good thing! Mindfulness is about waking up and becoming conscious. Things we’ve taken for granted for so long, are now ripe for change. You are welcome to Continue reading »

October Mindfulness News

October Mindfulness News

Hi everyone We cover a lot in our Weekly Thursday evening Meditations! During an hour’s session, the foundation is our Mindfulness Meditation. This is our chance to sit in silence for 20 minutes and experience our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Then we share guided meditations, like the Stageshow, Loving Self-Care, Inner Candle Light, Grounding Continue reading »

September News

Septemer News

Hi everyone It’s that time of year – late summer; endings and new beginnings. If you have children it’s a new school term; changes, moving on, moving up. For children and their parents! Nearly everyone feels a little fear mixed in with excitement when starting something new. (I know I’ve shared this one before years back, and Continue reading »

August News

Place of Serenity

  Slow down this summer! Hi everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful summer. Even the rainy bits! Yet it can be quite a task to stand back from the bombardment of information, news and views all around us. To really relax and take time out. So I’m sending you some summer postcards Continue reading »

July Mindfulness News

Mindfulness news

Hi everyone! Wow! We’ve been having some beautiful summer weather. It can also be challenging when you’re working in it! However it’s been for you, keep inspired with Tara Brach’s words (above). You only need to pause and remember that you’re in charge! You always have options as regards to how you respond. It’s a Continue reading »