August News

August news

  Slow down this summer! Hi everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful summer. Even the rainy bits! Yet it can be quite a task to stand back from the bombardment of information, news and views all around us. To really relax and take time out. So I’m sending you some summer postcards Continue reading »

July Mindfulness News

Mindfulness news

Hi everyone! Wow! We’ve been having some beautiful summer weather. It can also be challenging when you’re working in it! However it’s been for you, keep inspired with Tara Brach’s words (above). You only need to pause and remember that you’re in charge! You always have options as regards to how you respond. It’s a Continue reading »

June Mindfulness News

June Mindfulness News

Hi everyone! Latest news for June! I hope some of this gorgeous weather and birdsong are providing you with moments of peace and joy. To stop and pause throughout your day is a way to connect with being present. You are welcome to join us for our Weekly Meditation sessions – there are just 4 Continue reading »

Bombarded by thoughts – let mindfulness help

Bombarded by thoughts

Do you find yourself with no control over your thoughts? They become overwhelming, unhelpful and relentless. When you are bombarded by thoughts, let mindfulness help! Step 1 Thinking is normal and natural There are no right or wrong thoughts. With mindful awareness, you can notice you’re having these thoughts without judging yourself. This can be Continue reading »

Access the Wise Information of your Body through Mindfulness

The wise information of your body

‘All our reactions to people, to situations, to thoughts in our mind – are actually reactions to the kind of sensations that are arising in our body.’ Tara Brach, ‘Radical Acceptance’ It’s worth reading Tara Brach’s words carefully! It’s easy for us all to forget that our bodies are finely-tuned towards wisdom. You can access Continue reading »