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The key to living in your power and uplifting your mood is to engage in active appreciation

Humans tend to have default settings.

What is your tendency? Some people describe themselves with the saying a glass is half empty or half full.

A tiny part of you may find that you are pulled towards thinking there is not enough to go round, that you are lacking in many things, you feel critical, unhappy with your life, circumstances and relationships.

I know someone who fills their whole conversation with moans and groans about the area they live in, the state of their house, their regrets that they moved away nearly 20 years ago from a previous home and so on.

If you recognise this trait, you will know that you don’t feel great behaving in this manner. And it becomes a habitual way of living. It’s possible you don’t speak these things aloud, but you let them fill your mind.

Awareness begins the process of active appreciation

Firstly, become aware of what you think, say and do. This begins the process of active appreciation.

Your awareness becomes your power. Notice if your thoughts flow around ideas relating to:

  • Regrets
  • Frustrations about what you have or haven’t got
  • Things you wish you had
  • Ways in which you desire your life to be different, yet believe you’ll never achieve

These trains of thought mostly arise as default thinking. They are habits, often deeply engrained and are built on self-beliefs you have experienced over many years.

They place you at a disadvantage. They take away all of your power and can make your life feel miserable.

Place of Serenity | Active appreciation

Become empowered

To become empowered, to walk this path of appreciation and gratitude, create moments for your own stillness and an open heart.

This allows for an enormous shift from old habits to new sight. Delve deeper in your stillness, and choose active appreciation.  Feel it emerge from your higher or greater self.

  • It can be a simple thank you towards someone
  • A second noticing nature and letting the word, ‘Wow!’ pass your lips
  • A decision to focus on the positive that you have, rather than what you have not

From this more conscious place you might even notice that there is a spark of magic at play. As you see beneath surface appearances, challenges have a way of transforming to gifts.

The hallmark of a wholesome life, is a life of aware appreciation. Where others see the trivial and the mundane, the enlightened one sees in wonderment the miracle of life unfolding behind the appearances.
~ Almine

Gratitude by PapaOsmosis

Start now with active appreciation

What gifts are around you right now?

What is the holiest river in the world? Some might say the Ganges in India. Others would propose the Jordan River or the River Nile. But I say the holiest river is the one that’s closest to where you are right now.

Go to that river and commune with it. Throw a small treasure into it as an offering. Next, find a holy sidewalk to walk on, praise the holiness in a bus driver, kiss a holy tree, and shop at a holy store.

From ‘Pronoia. How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower you with Blessings’ by Rob Brezsny

With awareness you can learn to appreciate every little thing and even the quietest of times can be lived in grace.

You don’t have to buy into everyone else’s fears and programmed responses. Trust your own higher self. Tune into this powerful act of appreciation every day. Speak it aloud to your colleagues and family members.

Notice how it becomes easier to do.

See how this feels empowering, lifts your spirit and makes life magical!

Here is a 7 minute Appreciation Meditation you may find helpful.

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Yvette Jane

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  1. Lizzie Carver on 07/03/2021 at 12:31 pm

    Beautiful concepts, beautifully expressed. Thank you.

    • Yvette on 07/03/2021 at 3:17 pm

      Thank you Lizzie!

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