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Place of Serenity | Hope and inner strength

Hi everyone

Following the above quote, today’s newsletter contains mindful updates to help with exactly this. Offering you beautiful reminders to keep your heart and mind uplifted. I have a couple of blog posts and 3 of my most recent SoundCloud ‘Moments of Meditation’.

Scroll down and dip in!

Place of Serenity | Live in beautyWhat Does it Mean to Live in Beauty?

‘Each day each one of us is visited by beauty… beauty is so quietly woven through our ordinary days that we hardly notice it. Everywhere there is tenderness, care and kindness, there is beauty.’ ~ John O’ Donohue
Read more on this blog post – how you can live in beauty.


Place of Serenity | Hope

Nurture Hope and Inner Strength in your Life

‘Hope is a state of mind that lives with eyes and heart firmly fixed on the most beneficial outcome.’ ~ Almine
Read more on this blog post – how to nurture hope and inner strength in your life.



SoundCloud Moments of Meditation

3 of the latest moments of meditation. Click on the links:

Stay well and with heart-filled hope!

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