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Keep Inspired and Beat the January Blues

January stretches ahead of us and it can feel a little daunting! Perhaps you have the January blues?

The prospect of another full year ahead may feel overwhelming and you could be experiencing the January blues. Days can often be overcast and sunshine scarce.

During these winter months we might spend less time outside in nature. Yet we can still nurture our sense of belonging and connect with nature in other ways.

Connect with Nature January blues

On dim, dark evenings, light a candle (or several) and sit in stillness. Or watch the flicker of flames on an open fire. There can be something quite mesmeric about fire. Let yourself be drawn to it.


  • Bring your focus to the sounds of the wind whistling down the chimney.
  • Or listen to the rain lashing against the window-pane.
  • Look out of your window from the comfort of your home, and watch the trees as their branches bend and ebb.
  • Or marvel at the tenacity of the birds at the wind-swept feeder.

As humans, we may sometimes feel fearful of dramatic winter weather and less likely to leave the comfort of our homes. It might feel easy to be overcome by the January blues.

Other Ideas to Beat the January Blues

Place of Serenity | Beat the January Blues

You could let go of the battle to beat the January Blues and learn to enjoy the positives of dark evenings and chilly weather! Here are a few further ideas that just might feel perfect for this time of year.

Beat the January Blues and Journal

Give yourself time to rest and retreat during these winter months. This can be the perfect time to journal. Explore how the previous year has gone, both in work and relationships. Some self-reflection and meditation can be perfect for the dark winter evenings!

Plans for the Year Ahead

Some of your ‘down time’ can be useful for planning the year ahead. I know the past 2 years have been very difficult for this. We have all had to learn to be more flexible and accepting of last-minute changes.

Yet the idea of hope can fill your heart and your plans could range from new activities, a holiday, books you want to read, places you plan to visit, to new aspects of work you are ready to tackle or even a complete change in career. The list is endless, and even if the year goes by with an unchecked list, creating that list can be enjoyable and uplifting!

Enjoy a New Activity

We often think of activities as being outside, like rock-climbing, canoeing, running or a yoga class.

But the other kinds of activities are the ones you can engage with at home. Even if you might be a reluctant crafter or baker, when you attempt something new, you may feel an immense sense of achievement. Not in a frenzied way where you feel the need to be perfect, but in a gentle, laid-back and relaxed kind of way.

An approach that will fill your heart with quiet contentment during January, February and March. There are a few ideas here, craft suggestions that people took up during the Covid Lockdown – it works for the winter months too!

Here’s to January and nature’s wild and bleak reminders.

And don’t let the January blues get you down!


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This updated blog post was first published in January 2014


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