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Do you find it difficult to be kind to yourself?


I often hear women who give themselves a hard time. They are experiencing ill-health yet express guilt and frustration at their slow recovery. Be kind to yourself

They are used to being loving mothers who wouldn’t dream of telling their child to hurry up and recover from chicken pox! Yet they don’t feel able to give themselves the love and compassion they deserve with their own experiences.

These amazing women, and you may be one of them, have spent years caring for others. They put themselves at the back of the queue.

They now may be struggling with a long-term illness or the weariness of everyday chronic pain. The inner voice nags away that they must make themselves get out and do things, join in, make decisions, be cheerful, hurry up and get better!

Be Kind to Yourself

But the best thing to do is to be kind to yourself.

Sit and listen to the whisper of love, kindness and compassion. It’s there beneath the tough task-master.Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity

Now is the time to sit and bring complete awareness to how the body is really feeling. The exhaustion. The fear. The anxiety.

Nurture all of these feelings with kindness and love. Build up a daily practice, where you give yourself some time to be kind and mindful.

Both body and spirit will respond positively to this. And when the time is right, a shift will happen. You’ll feel inspired to make changes.

Your body is designed to heal. You can trust in the power of love and compassion! Be kind to yourself because that is where it all starts.


See Kristin Neff’s work on Self-Compassion


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