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Hi everyone,

August is a month of abundance and I love this reminder how gratitude can make such a difference in our lives:

‘Recognise how profoundly wealthy you are in every conceivable way through sincere, profound appreciative recognition of everything around you and in your environment’
~ Ciara Young

This kind of appreciation and gratitude is a big part of mindfulness practice. I invite you to browse the latest blog posts and updates on Courses for September. I am grateful for those of you who get in touch to enquire about future events such as Weekly Meditation and ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Courses. I always keep a note of enquiries so that I can then plan accordingly.

I hope to be running 2 Mindfulness & Meditation Courses in September and am starting to take enquiries. Again, I’m always so grateful for those of you who share my work or pass on my details. We’re certainly living in a world of upheaval, and your capacity to live a calm and peaceful life is priceless.

Hope you are enjoying the month of August!
With best wishes,




Who you are being on a daily basis affects every facet of your life’ ~ Ciara Young

Our next 6 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Courses help you to experience and put into practice a more mindful way of ‘being’.

We’re creatures of habit, but we also have the capacity to make changes. And it starts with making the decision that you want to make change happen. Full details here, dependent on interest, I’m hoping to run both these courses in September.

Your knee-jerk reaction or unthinking habitual responses to everyday life are pretty much set within you, unless you become more mindful and aware.

It’s natural to have a range of daily habits which you go through smoothly and quickly, but it also means that you can get set in your ways across all areas of your life. Read more here …

If you are always rushing on to the next thing, or moaning about your current life, when will you start to live your magical, meaningful life?

  • What is really important in your life?
  • What really matters?
  • What would you be better off doing more of?
  • What would you be better off doing less of?

~ Roger Walsh

Useful reminders in this blog post here that you may like to dip into.

Our British summer weather is always a varied experience. I wrote this blog post on the hottest day of the year, and then we had rain the next day!

However, the tips to stay cool and calm are relevant in all weathers. Have you noticed that when you are feeling stressed you feel uncomfortable and hot too? We’re familiar with sayings like ‘hot-tempered’, ‘hot-headed’ and ‘hot under the collar’.

So stay cool and calm with some useful tips: Take a look here …

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