We create the bubble


We all are living in a bubble. Each of our bubbles are a mixture of the things we choose to watch and interact with on our computers and TV.

All the activities we do. The people we spend time with. The books and newspapers we choose to read.

And the thoughts we think.bubble

‘We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.’ Buddha

Choose what to focus on

We sometimes feel overwhelmed with anxious and negative thoughts. Notice what you choose to focus on when challenging things are happening for you.

We are drawn to ruminating and mulling over all the negative stuff. Our brains have a negativity bias which engages us in this loop of inner-critical thought. Do you recognise this?

Keep ruminating on negative thoughts, believe your inner critic: result – you feel low and believe a whole host of put-downs on yourself.

Firstly, you must be compassionate towards yourself. You wouldn’t be this harsh towards your friends and family. Focus instead on your breath.


‘The breath offers a natural pathway out of our minds and into our bodies.’

Tara Brach


Give yourself a few moments to focus on your breath. Notice the sensations of breathing throughout your body. You can CHOOSE to do this.

Imagine you are cradling a tiny bird in your hands. Treat yourself as gently as you would the little bird.

Soften all those tense muscles your body is holding onto. And direct your focus away from those harmful thoughts. Remember that your bubble is not your prison!

‘Do not underestimate the power that comes to you from feeling the simple movements of your body throughout the day.’

Joseph Goldstein


Happy breathing outside of your bubble!


Mindfulness and Meditation

Yvette Jane – Place of Serenity

Your breath is your anchor




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